Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'Lots of beaches and ... er... and its real sunny'

Day 2 of babysitting saw the kid arriving at my place at bout 4pm. His mom dropped a ton of Primary 1 homework on him before leaving for the F1 race, I was like, ‘you mean I have to supervise him?!?’. Fortunately not, he’s a pretty good kid, smart and for a skinny kid, eats like a full-grown adult! No shit, he can finish a full adult portion meal at a restaurant and then be hungry again a few hours later. And did I mention he’s really skinny too?

Oh yah, one more thing, he suffers from verbal diarrhoea. He can talk and talk and talk. He doesn’t shout, scream or yell. He just talks, bout almost everything, sometimes even to complete strangers. Bout how good the food is to the fact that we are now walking down Orchard Road to what happened at school yesterday. Sometimes he reminds of some old guy who goes on and on and on….

So there I was trying to catch up on last season’s recorded episodes of CSI: Miami but the kid kept asking me homework and TV questions.

"Uncle Cavalock, where's Miami?"

"It's a place in America, with lots of beaches and ... er ... and its real sunny."

And damn! Primary 1 homework questions these days are like light years ahead of what I been through.

And I also managed to pick up the latest Saveur mag at Kinokuniya. Strictly an impulse buy, saw the cover and I couldn't resist it. Breakfast. Pretty much my favourite meal of the day.

Am really tempted to try whipping up those eggs one of these weekends. Who wants to come? Really! (^;^)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

'I got the angry face'

Its babysitting weekend for me. Had to take care of a 7-year-old while his folks is at a wedding dinner on Saturday and then again on Sunday nite when they are at the F1 race.

As I'm typing this, he's watching the live Ben 10 movie in the living room that I recorded for him last nite. Picked him up earlier as instructed at Forum after his classes, while we were there we picked up some Gashapon ourselves! Got him a little Pokemon Gashapon, apparently we were lucky to get the figure he desperately wanted. For myself, I couldn't resist these! Mos Burger Gashapon!

While at Takashimaya for dinner and shopping later, got him a Spy Gear toy.
And for myself, I found this! An edamame 'toy'! I posted an article on me making edamame for myself a couple of years ago, and its been ages since I done that although I still luv edamame. So obviously I couldn't resist this, even though it's a little over S$8.

The 'toy' is similar to the bubble wrap toy that I got earlier this year. It doesn't do anything except give you the same kick you would get outta popping them bubble wraps. In this case, pushing out those little peas outta the pod. The ...er... unique thing bout this 'toy' is the middle pea is a random thing, as in the pea has a face! And there are 12 different faces to collect. FYI, I got the angry face.

Friday, September 26, 2008

'Hawk it on ebay'

So I was offered a free ticket to catch the first F1 nite race on Friday but I turned it down. So I said 'Maybe I should just take the ticket and hawk it on ebay...'

So I met this hotel manager on Thursday, I said biz must really be good cos of the F1 but he said 'nope'. I told him the papers were reporting that hotels were almost full etc. He said, 'don't believe everything the papers say.' Even with his hotel in Orchard Road, everything is more or less the same. Apparently the only hotels that were really fully booked were the ones housing the racing crews along the Marina. Rooms prices have also dropped but the hotels aren't saying it out loud cos they don't wanna 'offend' their regulars who booked and paid the early craaaazy high room rates. Hah!

So the other week, there was an article in the local New Paper tabloid bout some beauty queen who's also apparently a straight-A student too or at least had a degree. Was bout her complaining not being able to get a date or find a boyfriend cos guys are intimidated by her. Gimme a break! How come every time a woman with so-called 'beauty and brains' can't get a guy, it's the guy's fault???

Has it ever occurred to anyone that the woman could have a really ugly, sucky personality? Proud, arrogant, bitchy? I mean, I know a woman who looks great and I'm sure quite intelligent too but who just couldn't stop bragging/comparing bout how rich her ex-boyfriends were.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

'Back from the fair'

I'm back from the fair! Our local Isetan's Japanese Kyushu Fair, that is. First thing I saw and got was the sweet potato snacks! It's exactly the same as the ones I had in Japan, the caramalized one and the baked (I think it's baked) one. This here is the really sweeeeet caramalized pack for S$5.50 and the baked one (S$6.90) is below. As of this writing, I have yet to try the baked sweet potato but I'm sure it'll be great. You guys should try. When I was in Japan, I actually bought a box of it back for my family.

After paying for my groceries, was walking past the liquor section when I saw their sake promotion. They were the really sweet fruity kind that I like. Tried a few shots and they were really good. Finally settled on the Francisco Delaware ice white wine (S$54), made from Japanese Delaware grapes. The shot below is a little over-exposed (in more ways than one, heh). Oh man, its so sweet and smooth. The bottle in my fridge is now half empty! ^;^

The other bottle I got is Iichiko Bar's Cassis Liqueux (S$22.90), that's actually blackcurrent shochu. It's pretty good too. I actually had it before at Waraku.

Well, buying those two bottles got me a lucky draw on the spot. Guess what I got ... a little 200ml bottle of shochu. Heh, not bad for an afternoon of grocery shopping. The fair ends next weekend. But I think I''l be back to get another bottle of the ice wine real soon!

Oh yah, as you can see, I'm back to trying out some more shots with the Ladies Drinks.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

'The White Wabbit for lunch'

Finally made it to The White Wabbit for lunch with the girls. First time heading there but I have heard bout it. Like that it was once a church, bearng that little piece of info in mind, I told my cab driver to drop me at the first church along Harding Road. Well, that first church turned out to be a real church.

So remember folks, it’s the second chapel up on your left coming up from Harding Road. After a 5-minute walk up the road, I was inside the church. Not as big as I expected it to be. The pulpit is now a bar and the bartender is now dressed like the Pope. Noooo, I’m just kidding … bout the bartender, the pulpit really is the bar.

Anyway, we all ordered from the S$30 set lunch menu. I had the Wardoff chicken salad for my starter and the veal for my main. The salad was just a little too creamy for me but I found the apple strips quite nice. I actually couldn’t tell it was apple at first.

The veal was better than the one I had at next-door PS Café. The mushrooms complemented the veal perfectly. Wasn't too dry either. Lunch wasn't as bad as I had expected it to be. Why was I expecting a bad meal? Cos of the mostly negative reviews that were hopping up all over the Net, I guess. Pity we didn't have time for dessert as we all had to get back to the office by 2.30pm.

Now the other interesting bout lunch were the patrons. Lots of rich folks but the group of tai-tais and expact wives at the table next to us, man o man, I have never seen so much botox in my life. One of the ladies' face was so tight and stretched, I was expecting it to snap back anytime.

Monday, September 15, 2008

'Sound kinda creepy'

I know I posted some pix of my current favourite manga Yotsuba & ! some time back. It’s this award-winning series that’s kinda like a Japanese version of Calvin and Hobbes. Am pretty pissed that the official English manga comic translations have stopped with volume 5 even though it’s one of their best-selling series.

Took some pix of the new posable Yotsuba figure with the summer vacation gear. Pretty neat huh? The gear and all were featured in one of the stories. Also got the non-posable figure of supporting cast member Fuka a few months ago. She and her sisters are Yotsuba’s neighbours and the one that Yotsuba calls the ‘unpretty one’ cos she’s like the least attractive of the 3 sisters.

Which leads me to the two newly released Yotsuba! figures. The new Fuka in swimsuit figure. While getting my figure from China Square Central, the shop owner told me that no one else ordered it cos she ain’t really pretty. I thought that was kinda funny since she was, I believe, intentionally drawn that way.

Also got Fuka’s younger sister Ena. OK, here’s where it might sound kinda creepy to some. From what I have read at a Japanese Otaku site, little Ena is selling out way faster than swimsuit Fuka. One of the reasons why she’s hot is cos you can change her out of her outfit to a little bathing suit but the Japanese reviews of her are rather… er… interesting.

Reviews of " Yotsubato Ena Ayase": Tsurezure-blog-san wrote "from her back to her butt is like a little chick. Her skinny thighs are just fine w. No apples, little chubby stomach, they are lovely w. This is the real cute figure w." Chiisakitaika-san said "the street clothes version- It's just ordinal. It's too ordinal. But that is excellent. The swimwear version- only some dangerous comments come up to my head. Therefore, I'll not speak out." foo-bar-baz-san wrote "however you see, she's a little cutie (^^;)"

Yah. Right. Whatever.

Friday, September 12, 2008

'I'm awesome level'

Well, was back to work on Tuesday after my birthday leave. Had an Omakasi sushi lunch at Tatsuya at Park Hotel. Figured I’ll have it before they renovate the entire building. Yah, they are gonna turn the entire ground floor area into some luxury brand shopping zone. Dunno if Tatsuya will move out or stay put.

Then it’s off to Cedele at Paragon for Mont Blanc dessert.

Been playing with my iTouch a lot too. Got up on Sunday morning and started reading the NYT in bed. Damn! They even got the NYT magazine. I try to do a Sudoko a day. Set it at the ‘I’m Awesome!’ level (second hardest), yah, that’s what it says. It’s a free software and it only generates one puzzle a day. Got over 20 free software on my iTouch now, trying out one that helps keep track of my expenses, if it works for me, I’ll probably buy the full version.

Hell, I even feel a little guilty for neglecting my DS games. So wat do I do? Charged up my DS Lite to complete my Lego Indy adventures. Yah, and just to show I’m not some soft-hearted, sentimental lily with my games, I went and sold a few games to a second-hand game shop for S$45. Am I a bad-ass or wat? ;)

Was actually hoping for another Kinokuniya book sale this weekend but no such luck. Had my eye on a couple of comic book trades and Japanese magazines.

Oh yah, I still got my Nov 8 Avenue Q tickets for sale! Let me know if anyone wants them!

Got to watching lots of TV too. Clearing as many recorded shows as I can. CSI: NY, Monk, Pushing Daisies, 30 Rock and probably a couple of others I can’t remember right now. Only show I’m waiting for cable to start is the first season of Reaper. Buffy meets Ghostbusters, you can’t really go wrong with that.

Friday, September 05, 2008

'A race of killer man-ape soldiers'

So here I am on a pre-birthday leave from work and home alone on a wet Friday morning ... watching TV. I always got a kick outta watching the morning talkshows. I remember watching them while in NYC years ago till bout 10am, then going out so as to avoid the rush hour traffic. Hah! 

Anyway, caught the tail end of Ellen bout an hour ago and saw a guy run and leap over 4 cars. Then switched over to the Tyra Banks Show. Now this was an eye-opener. They had a segment with hidden cameras in the rooms of all the posh US hotels like Ritz, Shereton etc. And they showed how gross and unhygienic their room service really are. Maids who don't wash your wine glasses or just rinse them instead, dirty towels etc. Really, not the kinda thing you would expect from 5-star hotels.

And right now I'm watching the History Channel on humans and apes genetics. It's a little mad scientist-ish, with talks bout crossbreeding between man and apes. Sure, there's a huge possibility that men and apes did crossbreed bout 6 millions years ago, that's what the documentary said. But as recent as WWII when there were rumors that Stalin and Russia tried to create a race of killer man -ape soldiers.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

'Make cattle walk up 22 flights of stairs'

Now here’s something you don’t normally see at 8am in the morning. A full-grown cow and calf on the 11th floor of an apartment building! I’m still trying to figure out how they got the cow into the lift! I mean, no way you can make cattle walk up 22 flights of stairs.

I believe it’s for an Indian religious home ceremony or something either that or we are talking bout the freshest milk delivery service in the country.