Thursday, October 31, 2019

Cavalock and The Unexpected Lucy Schroeder Hook-Up

There's just so much amazing food that I just gotta sneaked in another entry bout what we had in Otaru, Hokkaido. I love me some ice-cream and when I saw this, I took it as a challenge. Unfortunately I could only manage three tiers! Was before lunch and I told myself I didn't wanna ruin that! From fresh fruits like melons to delicious dairy produce ice-cream, the dessert choices here were overwhelming to say the least.

Just when you thought you have seen all the weird gashapon machines around Japan, you see something like this and you wonder...

It took them 70 years but it seems like Schroeder finally caved in and hooked up with Lucy?!? I saw this! This here was part of a giant Peanuts anniversary poster in Tokyo Station. Hey, I'm a huge Peanuts fan and I'm kinda surprised yet happy for them. Persistence really pays off? Hmmm... but I'm thinking in today's PC world, Lucy would probably be classified as a stalker?

Monday, October 28, 2019

Cavalock and The Obligatory Hokkaido Food Collages

Still reminiscing bout my Hokkaido trip even though its been almost a month since we were there. So that means it's time for the obligatory food collages! From Hakodate to Otaru to the city of Sapporo, it was fun exploring new eateries as well as re-visiting old ones like fried chicken joint Wakadori Jidai Naruto Honten. One of the most memorable meals we had in Sapporo was back at Salvatore Cuomo. Enjoyed the amazing steak but what we won't forget is the electrifying atmosphere during the live telecast of the Rugby World Cup match between Japan and Samoa. I'm not into live sports telecasts but that night in that restaurant during the match, that was something. All that cheering was rather infectious, unfortunately there were no free drinks after the victory laps. Hah!

Y'see, I can understand when it comes to supporting your home country in sports but I can't wrap my head around folks supporting foreign clubs filled with millionaire sportsmen who some I'll bet has never even heard of your home country. But I digress. It was quite an experience to be in Tokyo during their winning streak, the team was everywhere in the news and you could see the banners and all that. Back to food, another observation we made while in Hokkaido was that the highball drinks appear to be rather diluted, compared to the ones we eventually had in Tokyo.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Cavalock and The Halloween Heavy Post

Yah, I was just here a couple weeks before with the guys but the Baker-at-Home wanted to try the Eggslut herself for breakfast so here we are back in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Wasn't crowded at all compared to when I first walked past the place last month. I still liked my bacon, egg and cheese but I think she thought it was just alright. Well, she definitely didn't like all that grilling going on so near where she was sitting cos it made her clothes smell.

Saying that Halloween is a big deal in Japan is a major understatement. Right now, there's Halloween decor everywhere you look, from the sleepy town of Hakodate to the busy streets of Tokyo. A lot of these are very beautifully done and extremely eye-catching, some rather classy and some cheekily cute. And that's just the decor, the food like snacks and gift boxes are all so damn attractive too.

The hotels we stayed were all decked out in Jack o'lanterns. Yah, that's a Christmas tree covered in little pumpkins. Every confectionery shop has Halloween themed snacks and they all look soooooo tempting. Like I said, they are really into Halloween, no doubt due to the American presence after the Second World War. Years ago, the Baker-at-Home was in Tokyo with her friends on Halloween night and she was freaked out by all the costumed revellers who came out to party in the main streets.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Cavalock and The Many Melon Memories

Melons! You don't travel all the way to Hakodate, Japan and not stuff yourself silly with the tastiest, juiciest melons every chance we could. Single slices like that can be found at every fruit stall especially at the Hakodate Morning Market Square. Compared to the Japanese melons that end up on sale in Singapore, these are pretty big. A slice like that would cost about 400 yen or around SGD$6 while an entire melon about half the size of those in Hakodate would go on sale for SGD$25 to SGD$30 in Singapore. Hmmm, I think I got the numbers right. Bottomline is the Japanese melons you find in Singapore might seem cheaper overall but the melons you buy in Japan are twice the freakin' size!

I didn't order that particular melon ice-cream below but it certainly caught my eye. I did have a regular melon ice-cream on a cone. Last chance for a Japanese melon was on my way home, I simply had to choose the melon dessert on me flight cos I figured they must have stocked up on some genuine Japanese melons before taking off. Hah!

With an aging population like Japan, there are definitely things we can learn from them. Like how they provide reading glasses at public counters. I think that's great cos for the old folks filling up forms at these counters, it's really helpful. Maybe someone here can suggest something similar.

Well, there's something that the folks at Hakodate did learn from us and they aren't shying away from it. Found this street rubbish bin with our familiar Merlion on it, and it seems like from the inscription on it, they sorta admire how clean Singapore is and they wanna emulate it.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Cavalock and The Hakodate Hospitality

Yup, another new and unique Japanese Haagen-Dazs flavour means I was back in Japan, less than two weeks after my Tokyo Turmoil Tour with the guys. And also the second time the Baker-at-Home and I are headed to Japan since July. This time, we were spent bout a week over at Hokkaido before heading to Tokyo again. Well, we originally planned to vacation in London but the looming chaos known as Brexit kinda diverted our year-end plans.

So the last time we were in Hokkaido, it was way too cold for us to do much sightseeing so we kinda made a mental note to visit the island again if we could. Our first stop was the very quiet town of Hakodate. Check out that empty street in the middle of the day! So different after having been to Tokyo, can I get used to it? I really dunno.

Isn't this charming? We can grind the complimentary coffee beans right in our room and the local coffee cookies that came with it were damn good too. Since the Baker-at-Home already grinds and filters her own coffee at home on weekends, we kinda looked forward to a bit of afternoon coffee by the comfortable bay window. Oh yah, the Creamy Vanilla Pudding was pretty rich. Thick pudding and quite strong vanilla taste.