Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Not-So-Big Chill

We’d been having some pretty weird weather lately. It’s exceptionally windy last couple of weeks. Icy, chilly winds in the evening when I'm back from work till morning when I leave. The flash storms have stopped but almost every evening till late at nite, the winds (can they be plural?) have been howling like a buncha banshees. Windows blown shut (and open), things flying around the house, just like in them ghost movies. Actually I’m used to the wind howling, reminds me of my old place when I was like 10 years old, the wind was making all kinds a noises in my folks’ first apartment.

Wonder if anyone else in the country is experiencing it? Some say when it's this 'cold' or windy in January, it's gonna be exceptionally hot later around April.

Anyway, finally gonna open this little beauty up. Got it at duty-free coming back from Hong Kong last year. I couldn't resist it when I read the line ... "A unique blend of premium French Vodka and Gourmet Coffee with a hint of vanilla and creme." Ohhh ... I can see this going into my morning coffee and after dinner ice-cream dessert.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Q Daze

Damn, they better be worth it. And they are....sort of. Not great but I still kinda enjoyed them. Yah, I waited in line at Raffles City for three hours for them. Didn't really planned it that way. The line wasn't that long so I got in the Q. It hardly moved cos the kitchen was small and folks ahead of me were buying boxes and boxes of them. Well, The last time I had a donut 'meal' was in New York seven years ago.

Here's something else I stood in Q for that day. That's an opened case of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Me and the guys PLUS the other guys from my online guild were at the launch 'party' (I use the term loosely) and altogether, we collected at least 60 boxes for everyone. It was fun standing in this Q cos the rest of the guys were there and we all talking crap together.

In other good news, the national library has FINALLY stocked up on new comic books! After a year of no new stuff, we got quite a lot over the last week.

Alright, remember I talked bout the reshuffling in the office? Well, as I expected, things aren't off to a great start. It ain't easy when your 'superior' can't seem to make up his or her mind and it sure as hell ain't helping me when he or she admits in my face, "I'm sorry but I know I'm really anal."

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bought A Buff

Weather's been pretty cool lately. Not bad, good excuse to wear all those sweaters and loong sleeved shirts for once. Actually bought this. Thought it was neat, not cos the weather or anything. Well, my hair's pretty long now, not cutting it yet. Waiting till it's closer to Chinese New Year, that's late February. Saw it and just ... wanted it, I guess. I can now look like a pirate! Yar!

My life in the last few days has been all bout work and some WOW card playing (which I lost mostly but made some new friends so not much to talk/brag about there). Anyway, Niki did this great list. so I figured why not.

Ten Things About You
1: Am only child.
2: Carry a money clip but not a wallet
3: Hates tissue paper
4: Prays every nite before bed
5: Enjoys all kinds of game
6: Had my own newspaper comic strip years ago
7: Am told that I'm tone deaf
8: Fan of WWE wrestling
9: Wears glasses only at the movies
10: Will instinctively wake up at 7am no matter where I am or how late I slept

Nine Things You Love
1: Family
2: Japanese food
3: Internet
4: Writing
5: Fooling around (if you know what I mean)
6: Comic books
7: Long rides
8: Traveling
9: Constance

Eight Songs You Love
1: Born to run (Bruce Springsteen)
2: Those magic changes (Grease soundtrack)
3: Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams)
4: Johnnie b goode (Chuck Berry)
5: Miami (Will Smith)
6: Stayin Alive (Bee Gees)
7: Tonight is what it means to be young (Fire Inc.)
8: Burning Love (Elvis)

Seven Things You Wear Daily
1: Either one of two G-Shock watches
2: Boxers
3: Ring
4: Jeans
5: T-shirt
6: iPod nano
7: Smile

Six Things That Make You Smile
1: Winning a game
2: Reading a good book
3: Memories of fencing
4: Comfort food
5: Old photos
6: Comments left at my blog ;)

Five Things You're Looking Forward To
1: Tokyo
2: A drink
3: Weekends
4: Favourite websites' updates
5: Meeting my friends

Four Things You're Scared Of
1: Heights
2: Losing my $enses
3: Being alone in the world
4: Zombies (don't ask)

Three Things That Annoy You
1: Waiting for public transport
2: Telemarketing
3: Whimpy songs from the 70s

Two Of Your Favorite Books
1: The Dunwich Horror
2: The Hobbit

One Thing You Can't Live Without
1: Oxygen

Friday, January 05, 2007

Back At Work

By now most of us are probably back at work after the holidays, same here folks. But I still feel like I'm on holiday season mode. Can't wait for the Chinese New Year break again.

Official word is they are gonna split us all into dedicated (smaller?) strike teams. Yup, it’s a reshuffle. There’s gonna be a big meeting this coming Monday to explain how all that’s gonna work out. Well, we’ll see. It’ll mean I’ll be moving out of my room and into cubiclepolis. Anyway, that’ll be later, at least a couple of more months.

So with my Warcraft Internet connection moving slower than a dead turtle, I spent my last few nites downloading (or is it uploading?) a bunch of CDs onto the nano. I managed to get thin clear plastic protectors for the back, wheel and screen for the nano on Monday at that Apple shop at Cineleisure, they were even nice enough to paste it for me.

Anyway, here's me playing with the 'Food' mode of my new camera.

Duck from a famous duck rice stall from People's Park Complex in Chinatown. Yah, I always thought it sounds like some kinda commie HQ building or something. Bought it for dinner over the weekend. Looks like the Chinese New Year decorations are already coming up all over Chinatown. So what do you guys think of this 'Food' mode? Does the food look yummier?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New 2007

Two long nites of gaming can really wear out a guy. Had the gang over for board games (Beowolf, Railroad Tycoon, etc.) on Saturday nite, till like 3am. Slept at 4am. On New Year's eve the next nite, another group showed up and played till about 3am too.

Yah, its been a pretty gaming holiday for me ... (must remember only the good things!) ... well, would have played more if the damn Internet connection my World of Warcraft wasn't lagging all the time, and kept disconnecting me for like, 3 days in a row now.

Coming up next, The Burning Crusade. Mark my words, come Jan 16, men (and some women I guess) from all over the world will vanish from the streets, social committments will not be met, dates will be broken, well, you get the idea ...

But seriously, its been quite past year of gadgets for me. First came the conventional microwave oven. then followed by a new Nikon camera, handheld vacuum cleaner and Philips DVD player (with Divx Video) all during the Great Singapore Sale.

And then it was happy birthday to me with this. Ended the year with a couple of good grabs during the office party and someone else's party gift.