Monday, December 27, 2010

Cavalock and The Post Boxing Day Post

Post Boxing Day saw me meeting up with ex-colleagues in the media industry. Dinner was back at Food for Thought, next to the Singapore Art Museum. I was the only one who had the Garlic Prawns Linguine and I liked it. The prawns were cooked just right and not too garlicky. But not everyone enjoyed their food, the risotto didn't score very high marks that nite.

I know, the brown pasta doesn't look very appealing but it tastes way better than it looks. Anyway, as expected the conversation always veers towards who's cheating or sleeping with who, yes folks, the local media and advertising industry is that dirty.

Thought I'll just do a quick pictorial rundown on some new goodies in the apartment the day after Christmas. :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cavalock and The Christmas Day Post


Geez, I thought that since I stopped doing a regular 9-to-5 gig, I would have more free time to do my own stuff but that sure as hell ain't the case.

I have been pretty busy this last couple of weeks, maybe I bit off more than I can chew by taking on too many projects, maybe it's the holiday season and everyone wants their stuff done first, or maybe I just suck at time management. Yah, I think it's the latter. I really suck at managing my time. Oh, and I blame my iPad too for all those magazine and TV show downloads. Hah!

Anyway I finally found time to check out Food For Thought, next to the Singapore Art Museum. Had the banana and walnut pancakes, with the oh-so-heavenly gula melaka. And of cos, a cup of flat white.

Had all the guys over at my place for an early Christmas dinner last week. I bought more stuff from the supermarket instead of making some of my own like I did before, cos I don't think I have time to make enough for like eight or nine of us. Well, there were some homemade Christmas gifts for them, hope they like it. ;)

And this is what they got for me for Christmas! The giant-sized Marvel Universe Galactus figure (with Silver Surfer)! I was totally not expecting this! You can't find this baby in any of the departmental stores here, you can only get it at one them specialist toy stores here.

Hope to get in some year-end posts this week before the new year! Look out for them or it!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cavalock Eats Like A Food Blogger

I think this is how it feels like to be a professional food blogger! Free food, fine dining, your own personal little table and waiter, I mean the table that's little, not the waiter.

That's how it was when I went cruising the high seas earlier this month. Was my first time onboard a Royal Caribbean ship and every meal there was free, enjoyed all of them. I only paid for the cruise and the food was free and I'm not talking bout some cheap ass buffet spread here. Strange how everyone I spoke to or know never seemed to enjoy their cruise experiences. I had a blast! And I'm not even gonna start on this except to say it works!

Some meaty main courses , for dinner you got some steak and pulled pork sandwiches for lunch below.

And as much dessert as you like! Really, you can just keep calling them out. Like they say, there's always room for dessert.

My favorite meal of the day is still breakfast and this is something I always fix myself whenever I'm faced with a cereal bar. I mean 'bar' as in a cereal selection, not one them bar-shaped snacks. Heh.

My own creation. Sugar frosted cereal with prunes and pears. Followed by yummy banana pancakes.

Lots more cool food shots like my usual dinner glass of port, fishies, chicken and other neat stuff. ;)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cavalock and The Hunt in Malaysia

Oh wow! I'm finally in front of my MacBook well, that's not entirely true. I been in typing away for a few days now but I'm back blogging.

Long story short, the official version is I took a boat ride to Malaysia to 'hunt' for food and action figures. Had a blast, the food was good, well, some better than others. Did I find the action figures I wanted? Not exactly, the ones a friend spotted in KL weren't there when I got there. I mean, it's a long shot to expect it to still be there but you know, you never can tell. But I did find a couple others that were on my to-buy list. And yes, I am fully aware of how lucky and blessed I am to be able to do stuff like that, as in drop what I'm doing, go places and enjoy myself. I was actually gonna write a little Thanksgiving piece last month but I digress...

First stop was a rainy Penang. Where the food was almost as bad as the weather. Alright, to be fair, I'm not saying all Penang food is bad, just the ones I had at an amusement park-turned-food-court. Sorry, I forgot the name of the place. I never remember bad places. ;)

Their versions of oyster omelette and popiah, not that good. But their famous white coffee on the other hand, damn good.

The next day and I'm in sunny Kuala Lumpur. This is only my second time in the city. First time was with the guys on a LOTR (Lord of The Rings) game tournament years ago. Luv the street food there. This time, no street food but I did try some of their best-of-hawker food that's under one roof in a mall kinda thing, not unlike our own Food Republic.

The food court is at the basement of the Lot 10 shopping mall. There were so many stalls I wanna try but I was there for only one meal. Hah!

Other quick shots of KL goodies that you may or may not find in Singapore. Great sweeeet french toast with condensed milk and from KL Isetan supermarket, Hershey's Japanese ice-cream choc nut balls and Ginseng Tongkat Ali in a can.

Next post, ship food in all its glorious colors! Leave a tick or comment to let me know what you think! Thanks a gazillion for reading!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

One Week in Sillypore 8

Late to bed and early to rise, that pretty much sums up how last week went for me. Been busy with a couple projects that had me hammering at the keyboard way into the nite and early morning. Well, alright I kinda prefer working at nite so I did 'internationally delayed' some stuff till almost midnite.

When your life is just too booorrrring to blog about, or when you are just too busy to try putting together anything new or trying out a new joint, it's time for that mixed-up, anything-goes, filler post I like to call A Week in Sillypore! :P

As busy as I was, I still managed to pick up an heirloom of sorts. A customized iron kueh bulu mold that's like over 50 years old. Notice how the molds are smaller than the ones you find in the shops these days and there are different shapes too. Plus you need a flaming charcoal fire burning, below and on top, to get this thing working, no on-switch here. Neat huh?

A bunch of stuff I'll be mailing to an American ex-boss in Hoboken, New Jersey. Wonder if she knows Cake Boss?

Something new at the supermarket again. This looks nice. Holiday Chocs from the US. First time seeing it at NTUC FairPrice. Anyone picked it up?

Call it obinmushi or dobin mushi, it's that familiar and hearty Japanese teapot soup. Besides the seasonal ingredients, you got your basic stuff like mushrooms, shrimp or chicken, and you squeeze a little slice of lime in it.

Another thing I like bout is that each teapot is an individual serving. It just seems so neat and tidy that the little cup and pot are all that. Here's a recipe, looks alright although I haven't tried making it myself. Saw a selection of them at Takashimaya, made me hungry just by looking at them.

What am I reading on the iPad this week? December's copy of Food Network magazine, too bad they didn't include the special Xmas Drinks booklet that came with the actual magazine. Yah, I know, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

So what did I do once I'm done with four straight days of writing? Celebrate Friday with an entire day of gaming with the guys. Up there's my character for an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons campaign, below you got Dice Town, Power Grid (Central Europe map) and Chaos in The Old World, all fun games.

Oh, and here's another great way to end a week. My little tub of custard vanilla ice-cream from Hokkaido. It is pretty eggy but that's the way I like it. <^;^>