Monday, April 30, 2007

"Four-leaved clover of tea leaves"

Besides my luv for royal milk tea, there's another kinda tea I'm nuts about and that's Irish Malt Tea. Unfortunately, the only place I know that has it is at the Rose Veranda at Shangri-La Hotel. Ithink Hyatt has it too when I was there a few years ago.

I always order a pot when I'm there. Yah, was on leave and had lunch/tea there on Monday just before May Day. It has the "aroma of Irish whiskey" and "a hint of cocoa and malty Assam tea". It's really great!

The bad thing is I can't find it anywhere else in the tea shops, other cafes, no one here sells them. Been looking for them for year. It's like the four-leaved clover of tea leaves for me! So if anyone knows where to get them here in Singapore, let me know. Thanks a million!

Monday, April 23, 2007

"Six-legged Hotel California"

It’s been absolutely insane last couple of weeks. In and out of the office. Working till 3am in the morning in an office with no air-con is not a joke.

Anyway here I am at my 100th post and fer-the-luv-of-gawd I don’t have any thing special to write bout. Well, I did manage to finally do that labels thing after entry, to categorize each post. Look below each post! * Whew * that actually took a while to go back all 100 entries.

Need to catch up with the gaming buddies, some of them actually bought the new WOW TCG expansion set released last week. I thought they gave up on that. I bought a box and a whole bunch of boosters too. But the guys already finished their trading without me so hopefully I’ll be looking for other groups to trade my cards with. OK, at this point, I’m willing to bet my entire comic book collection that no one here knows what I’m talking about. Haha!

Check this out. Saw it at Toys R US and the line just blew me away! It’s called the Modern Insect Hotel, where little boys (now I know it might sound sexist but come on, let’s not kid ourselves) catch and throw bugs in there to (let’s be honest again) torture them. It’s like the freakin’ Bates Motel for bugs or six-legged Hotel California! Are the insects that check-in ever meant to check-out alive in the first place?! Calling it a ‘Modern Hotel’ is hilarious. I wish I had this when I was growing up. All I had as a kid was the freezer where I would freeze the bugs and then unfreeze them later to see if they live.

Damn, now I feel like getting one for my office desk…

Sunday, April 08, 2007

"Toilet Bowl Muffins or the Tool Shed Brownies"

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! I was on a roll and the plan was to do more baking this weekend. But I had to bring some work back from the office and had a couple of other errands to run so I couldn't. Now why is it whenever I bring work back, there's gotta be something cool to watch on TV that nite? Just as I was about to start cracking on some copy on Saturday nite, I noticed that the MGM cable channel was showing that classic 70s murder mystery Dressed to Kill. I heard and read bout it but never saw it until last nite.

Anyway I wanted to try baking Martha Stewart's Kitchen Sink Cookies. Not to confused with her other recipes, the equally famous Toilet Bowl Muffins or the Tool Shed Brownies. Nah, I'm just kidding. So why pick this receipe? Cos a colleague passed me a Martha Stewart baking DVD and it looked sooooo easy when Martha Stewart was doing it.

Few of the cooking and baking books on my shelves but sure wish i have more time to actually try some of them out. Hey, it's my 99th post and I still dunno if I should do anything for my 100th.