Friday, April 28, 2006

Let's Talk About Luv

Was reading a bunch of blogs and I realized that there sure are lots of folks out there who are writing about love and mushy stuff like that. So I figured maybe I’ll just share a little something I know about the topic. I’m no expert on it, but here’s one of my all-time favourite quotes about love. Now whenever any of you are in a rough patch in the relationship or on the verge of a breakup cos of some jackass reason, remember these words spoken by a very famous individual to his wife…

"Sometimes love and destiny pull you in opposite directions. Sometimes loving somebody means you can't go to the places you wanted to go, or live the life you should lead. When everything sensible inside is screaming at you to plant that final kiss and say goodbye, sometimes the best thing to do the only thing to do is to hang on to that love with all the strength and fervor your soul has to offer. And change your plans. Tread a different path, and discover that, in the end, it all worked out just the way it was supposed to. And you couldn't imagine it ever unfolding differently. Love's funny that way."
P.P. to M.J.

Pretty neat huh? No? Hmmm….well, I guess it’s not something everyone can relate to. Oh well, I thought it was cool.

Was also thinking…after Secret Origins Parts I and II, anyone interested in Secret Origins Part III? Enough of being a Child of Order, here’s where he starts sliding down the slippery road to Chaos!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Food Pyramid

Back from a quick weekday Isetan supermarket trip. Look what I got on offer! it's a coupon thing for Isetan credit card members, 2 tubs for only S$17 and maximum 6 tubs per coupon. The expiry dates are like, next year so I figured why not? Anyway, the supermarket is pretty neat cos they'll give you free packs of ice when you buy frozen stuff, so your stuff won't melt or anything like that. Wish the other supermarkets would do that.

Hmmm...hold on to your hats folks, cos there's a chance that within the next 72 hours (as I write this), there might be a repeat of this coming my way.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Dessert Of The Week

Finally managed to explore the new or rather renovated Marina Square shopping mall. A friend told me about this new Japanese dessert restaurant there called Azabusabo.

They have regular Jap food as well but it's their sweets, Hokkaido ice cream and other cold desserts that are their specialities. Ordered the green tea ice cream with red beans and little rice dumplings for S$6.50. I didn't have a camera with me but I managed to find a pix of it on their web page. It's the bottom left dish in the main pix. And yah, they are a chain from Japan. It's was very sweet and yummy! The rice dumplings weren't too hard like some other places and the red bean paste was just the right texture, not too thick or thin.

Also had the hot Milk Tea (S$3.50) which also turned out very well. Milk Tea or Royal Milk Tea is a pretty common drink in Japan and is something I always have when I'm there. In fact I brought back several boxes of it when I came back.

So what's a food write-up without a food pix? Managed to dig this one up from my last trip to guess where! That's Green Tea Ice Cream and Vanilla with Red Bean Pastefrom Haagen Dass! So good you can't stop at one. Why won't they bring it here?!?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

My Working Soundtrack

Well, a little late but Happy Easter everybody. It's Sunday nite and the work that I brought back to do on Thursday, it's not a lot and I just finished it a minute ago.

Now whenever I'm writing, I gotta have some music with me. One of my all-time favourites has gotta be the soundtrack from Grease. I remember when I was still living with my folks. It's late at nite and I would be in my study/computer room writing with the Grease soundtrack on really loud and I'll be singing to it. It doesn't disturb my folks cos their bedroom is way at the other end of the apartment. I just love Those Magic Changes.

In the office when I got a ton of serious writing to do, it's usually the soundtrack from the action movie The Rock. Strictly instrumental but with a real heavy action beat. Of cos, there are lots of other stuff I listen to, especially with my office's itunes network, I been listening to all kinds of stuff from my colleagues' music collections! I still love the oldies probably cos I grew up in a house filled with uncles and aunts who were music fans. Me mom's a big Elvis fan and my uncles and aunts are into country, rock n' roll and classical (I only like Strauss).

The last CD I bought was by Gwen Stefani. It's nice, plugged-in to some tracks while I was writing in the office. Hey, guess what! I got an excuse to put another of my favourite Tokyo pix cos it's like in her song, Harajuku Girls. Well, here's the real deal that I snapped!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Lapping It Up

First, let me wish everyone out there a happy Good Friday!

Been super busy this entire week, finishing work at almost midnight. It's gonna be the same if not worse next week. Over 20 pages of stuff to write. Brought some work back but it's Friday nite 8.30pm now, do I really wanna work?!?....geez, been awhile since I been home this early. Anyway, was caught in the heavy rain this afternoon so while I was taking shelter at Bugis Junction mall, Seiyu department store. I saw this...

Yah! I kid you not! It's the infamous Japanese Lap Pillow for lonely men. Well, it's not the original one like in the pix. i suspect it's a cheaper version cos the one I saw was about S$12 only compared to the original one which sells for US$90. The 'skin' looks kinda rough n fuzzy unlike the original which looks really smooth. It's also smaller so I guess maybe it's supposed to be a younger girl's lap. Hah! Plus the ones I saw had different mini-skirts on, with belt and buckle, and the top part was exposed, not covered like in the pix.

So I guess the question is did I or did I not buy one?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

A De-stressing Weekend

It's been a pretty exhausting week at work cos of this regional project I'm on. Next week is gonna be worse I think. Needed to de-stress so was online playing World of Warcraft last couple of days (and of cos nites). Anyway, still had to run errands and do me weekly groceries, managed to find something new at Cold Storage Centrepoint. New Fresh n Fruity Yoghurt flavours...Creamy Latte, Vanilla & Hazelnut and Banana Caramel. I just had the Banana Caramel. A little disappoined cos I expected to find banana bits in there but there were none. I mean, other fruit yoghurt do put fruity bits in theirs.

Oh yah, the DIY Jello-Cheesecake Dessert I mentioned before, can now be found at Cold Storage Centrepoint. No Oreos yet. You know, maybe I ought to do this supermarket entry every week or something. New stuff spotted kinda thing. A little boring maybe but what else could I talk that's er...printable?...I guess I still can't decide how personal I want this whole blog thing to be.

Hey look, here's another funny sign I spotted at Jalan Besar. You know, it's always good to know your strong points and emphasize them really, really loud.

Aw crap! Just remembered I gotta do me taxes later....

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Me & Edamame

Here’s another feeble attempt to turn this little blog into a food blog which was what I originally intended it to be.

Here’s what I sometimes whip up in flash whenever I have to buy me dinner back home. No time to cook so it’s make some of my favourite Japanese edamame. Quick to prepare and nutritious too! After a freaking day at work, who has the bloody time to prepare anything more complicated? Does anyone have any quickie suggestions? Anyway, I had them with me Hokkien mee last nite.

Just heat them up and once the water starts to boil and they start to float up, they are done.

Drain them and add a pinch of salt for taste. There you go, edamame for one!

Some other food stuff I noticed. Royce has brought in a new flavour. Grand Mariner! To be honest, I can’t really taste it. Almost like their regular choc one. The Ben and Jerry’s ice cream stick I got at Carrefour last week….well, it’s now $4.20 for one instead of $4.70 for three! So did someone screw up and tagged the wrong price last week or was I just lucky? Compared to Haagen Dass’ stick ice cream, that should be the regular price and it’s not such a small stick after all.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Friday Nite Drinks

Just for the record, it was...

1 vodka Rebina
2 glasses of red wine
1 Tequila pop
1 Tequila shot
1 Sex on the Beach
1 lychee martini
1 vodka orange

...that more or less did me in on Friday nite. Nope, I wasn't that drunk although I sure felt like throwing up in the cab but I didn't.

Oh, and in keeping with today's alcohol theme, here's another Tokyo pix I took. Thought it was pretty funny at that moment. Geddit? Heartland?....well, it's a local thing.