Monday, February 17, 2020

Cavalock and The Nippon Milo Adaptation

Who knew? They got Milo that's made in Japan. Found these at our local Don Don supermarket. Think its been a couple decades since I had a hot cup of Milo. Not even a bloody Milo dinosaur. Although I reckon if you made a Milo dinosaur out of this, it'll be a Milo Godzilla. Anyway I think I stopped after reading somewhere that it's just another flavoured sugared drink with a rather excellent marketing campaign. But I am still kinda intrigued by Milo that's made-in-Japan.

Been a long while since I posted me Dad's wildlife pix here. He's 86 years old and his camera equipment is getting way too heavy for him to carry around especially on the public buses. So last week between medical appointments, he took over 2,000 photos over two days. His friends told him there were six ducklings at Garden by the Bay, two became fish food before he managed to get there and snap a few hundred shots of them. Four days later when he returned, there were only three left.

Friday, February 07, 2020

Cavalock and The Return of The Squig Hoppers

We are always on the lookout for new dessert joints so when Baker-at-Home heard bout the new French crepe cafe Gather that just opened at Raffles Hotel that's only a couple stops away from our apartment, we couldn't resist dropping for afternoon coffee.

The above Burnt Caramel crepe I had was great, not too sweet by my standards but I believe may be too sweet for mere mortals. The Baker-at-Home also enjoyed the rich flourless chocolate cake with 73.5% dark chocolate but I reckon not as much as her black coffee. She is after all, a fan of Ronin back when they were at Hong Kong Street. So she really really liked that and I think we do see ourselves in a future dilemma where we had to choose between coffee here or %Arabica at Arab Street as both these locations are kinda equal distance from where we live. Hah! Well, I guess the fancy ambience at Raffles Hotel sorta puts it at some kinda advantage. But seriously, it's plenty comfortable here and a nice place to chill.

Been back to painting these little Squig Hoppers cos in the game that I'm playing, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, I need exactly 10 of them to form my frontline of troops. So I painted five of them months back and when I wanted to start painting the remaining five last week, I realised I forgot the colour schemes or how I got the colours combinations for the previous ones.

Fortunately I remembered at least a couple of colours like the red was from the Blood Angels Red Contrast Paint and the brown robes were from the Snakebite Leather Contrast Paint. The rest, I had to wing it. I couldn't get the colour of their teeth like before so some are whiter, greyer or darker than others. Hmmm... maybe that's more realistic?

Finished them and am quite satisfied with them. Every one was put together differently so they all look unique.

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Cavalco and The Night of The Near Miss Tourney

So close yet so far. Damn! I was just one point away from taking home the glass trophy last night at the Beastgrave tourney. It's the Warhammer Underworld miniatures game, a tabletop game with little figures and not a video game. The team or war band that I fielded was the Grymwatch, a pack of ghouls who play a very tactical game of gaining points by grabbing objectives instead of by killing off the opposing team. I maneuvered my guys to certain locations across the map or game board to score them while trying to not get killed off. It worked well for me but I made some silly mistakes or miscalculations that deservedly cost me that one game. Oh, there were six of us and we played three games each. Two of my games were up against Stormcast Eternals which I won, lost to a Nighthaunt war band. I didn't know I was behind by only one point until it was over, maybe if I knew I would have played differently.

Anyway I had a blast playing in the tourney, absolutely enjoyed myself and came home to this freshly baked loaf of raisin bread that the Baker-at-Home was busy with while I was out.

My Gyrmwatch crew in action. We all also got a little pack of Skaven ang pows or red packets at the end of the night. Quite possibly the most ...hmmm... unholy-looking ang pows ever made. The Skaven are "the evil ratmen who gnaw at the very fabric of reality. Serving the Chaos deity known as the Great Horned Rat, these sinister creatures seek to undermine the Mortal Realms, conquering with raw cunning, overwhelming numbers, and strange inventions."

Something new to our renovated apartment. The Baker-at-Home's little Click and Grow indoor herb garden. We grew some basil, thyme and rosemary over the last couple weeks. She re-potted the basil the other day and ... what? no, that's not WEED. Really, we are not growing WEED! No one said anything bout growing WEED, I don't think that's even possible or ... er ... legal. Why everyone thinks we be growing WEED mon?