Friday, May 30, 2014

Cavalock and The Chwee Kueh Impersonation

A pleasant but rather warm dinner at Bistro du Vin and I couldn't resist snapping a shot of our starter when it arrived at the table. Doesn't this look like a serving of our traditional chwee kueh? Kinda like how you would imagine they would look like if served in a fancy restaurant. Hah! Have you figured out what it is yet? Answer at the end of the post!

Well, I was back clearing out the old family home again. No surprise that there aren't really much vintage "treasures" left to uncover but I thought these kitchen finds were worth at least a pix or two. Now the green table mat is one that I have rather fond memories of cos I really liked how deep and green it was, and of cos savouring all those home-cooked meals off it when I was in kindergarten. As for the retro glasses, I recall they only making an appearance when there are guests around which unfortunately wasn't very often.

A part of me freaked out when I found these old comic books earlier this week. They are English translations of the popular Chinese myth Journey to The West that I was furiously devouring as way back as when I was in kindergarten. They were only 70 cents per copy back then and I got issues 1 to 16, but that ain't the last issue cos at the end of that, they are still traveling to the West. Enjoyed reading them a lot and the clean detailed artwork really caught my eye. Partly to blame for getting me hooked on comics, them and Jack Kirby.

Answer: They are escargots served in little white individual bowls, topped with Italian parsley. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cavalock and The Lego Food Trail

I may never get to own my own restaurant but building these tiny Lego food sets does allow me to indulge in a little culinary creativity. These are a couple of original Lego packs I got last year but never really got around to building them until I bought this cheap but fake Lego floor plate a week ago, which came in the ideal size that I was looking for. The shop had the bootleg plates in different sizes and colours that I don't think are available in a regular Lego store.

The hot dog vendor cart is everything you would hope it to be. Check out the hot dog grill as well as ketchup and mustard bottles. The vendor even comes with a 'worried' expression which is perfect when you set him up with the cats from the picnic table set! By the way, I created a Lego section here if anyone wants to look at my previous Lego posts. Oh, but if you wanna look at real Lego food, check this out.

My Dad told me while he was taking these pix at the Botanic Gardens, the agents from the National Environment Agency were chasing away photographers which I think is ridiculous. I really don't think an 80-year-old man is any threat to the wildlife there. Anyway, here are some of his latest pix.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cavalock and One Week in Sillypore 9

Several years ago, I did a buncha posts called under the "One Week in Sillypore" banner which is kinda like a collection of random weird pix I took over the week (give or take a couple days!) while at work. Well, since I stopped working and became a full-time caregiver I noticed that my posts have been more or less bout the same topics. So I figured I'll just revive it just this one time and see if anyone likes it or not.

Wonderful but pricey chirashi lunch at Aoki Restaurant. I really like how the rice and sashimi are separated instead of putting them all in a bowl like how most other places do. That little mushroom, cod roe in a clear soup and dip was a separate deal, and it was amazing too. Dessert was a excellent combination of melon ice-cream, green tea mousse and Japanese jelly which I think is yuzu. A perfect complement to a flawless main course.

Every gamer in the world is talking about it. The online collectible card game Hearstone is one of the ways I de-stress these days. I actually started playing it on the desktop several months ago when it was first out on Beta. Stopped for awhile then returned to it when it was released on the iPad and all my friends started playing it again too. If you know the game, you'll know what an awesome setup I got going on below. Strung him out and deck-death the guy.

I really love Liang Court and it's not just cos of Meidi-ya supermarket. Here we have a seemingly normal-looking men's tailor shop. I'm sure am curious to see who actually purchases that. Cosplayers maybe? Y'know that anime with that king in that castle and that thing he does while wearing that robe ...?

Then there's always this to look forward to in Meidi-ya. Stuff you most likely can't find in our regular supermarkets. A brand of boorish cereals and ice-cream soda by the same folks behind the famous root beer float.

Here's how I have been enjoying my Japanese maple honey. Brought it out with me whenever I'm having a pancake breakfast meal at McDonald's. Way better than that overly sweet syrup they give out.

A random pix that opens the door to numerous awesome culinary possibilities and another that'll sure to drive some churches ape-shit crazy. You are welcome!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cavalock and The Izakaya Authentication

In an old commercial building with a not-so-innocent reputation of housing dubious massage parlours and shops offering otherworldly services, we found this gem of an izakaya tucked away inconspicuously on the ground floor of the one and only Fortune Centre. Now you would probably have strolled past Nobu-ya if you weren't exactly looking out for it. To be fair, that big red noren or Japanese door curtain in the front does kinda obscure any sign of a restaurant.

But make no mistake, this is a real drinking joint or izakaya as the Japanese would call it. Sitting at the counter near the entrance, I saw more than a couple of potential customers getting turned away cos they either didn't make a dinner reservation or said they won't be ordering any booze when asked if they were gonna be drinking.

Almost everything we ordered on as well as off the menu turned out amazing. After all we are talking about a couple of Japanese chefs who used to work at a fancy joint like Fairmont's Mikuni so really, this is seriously good Japanese pub food. I loved the above beef stew so much that I ordered a second serving, and the sashimi wasn't actually on the menu but we requested for half of the grilled fish to be served raw instead. That turned out great too. Sure can't wait to try this place again.

Now instead of showcasing all the fake Legos that I have been buying over the last few months, I thought maybe I ought to share some new genuine purchases. Been a huge Simpsons fan since their early days at the Tracy Ullman Show. Anyone remember how we can could only get to watch Tracy Ullman over Malaysia's TV3 channel? Been drooling over these Simpsons Lego minifigures and house set since they were announced months ago. Finally got them all including the new Parisian Restaurant so now all I need is more space, and I'm taking bout a LOT more space to set them up.

Shared that box of Simpsons minifigures below with two other friends as you get three complete sets of 16 minifigures each in there plus a handful of extras. I like the figures as the sculpts are closer to the animated characters than the typical Lego ones especially the heads. 

Friday, May 09, 2014

Cavalock and The Fatty Medical Anxiety

Ever since I went for my full (manly) medical check-up last week, I have been on pins and needles waiting for my results. And that finally came early yesterday morning. It was really no big surprise, to me at least, that the results revealed that I had way too much fats in me as well as a serve lack of "good cholesterol". Now if we have met in real life, I'm probably the last person you would expect to be called 'fat' but unfortunately it's all under this skinny little frame.

The reason why I wasn't surprised by this is because ever since I became a full-time caregiver about two years ago, I have pretty much stopped working out. After a day of taking care of the sick and elderly, the last time I wanna do is exercise. I'm just too mentally and emotionally exhausted to do anything else except to go home and de-stress.

But like I said, this wasn't the thing that I was most concerned about. It was all the other extensive blood tests, scans and x-rays that came with the full medical examination that had my imagination in overdrive. Well, glad to announce that everything else turned out alright. No STDs, no cancer markers, normal blood pressure, normal this and normal that, just need to eat right and work out a whole lot more.

Looking back I definitely don't regret going through the check-up even though it ain't exactly cheap, at about S$800. Last week's tests took only a couple of hours to complete, including waiting time. First up, the nurses took vials of blood, checked my eyes, took my stats (+1 Dexterity, -2 Strength), before I met the doc for a chat. Then it's off to get my stomach scanned and chest x-rayed in another part of the building. When all that's done, it's back to the same clinic to role-play a hamster on the treadmill. It was quite an interesting morning and oh, they had a small breakfast spread in the waiting room that was much appreciated for those of us who had to fast the night before.

Gone are my days as a lean, mean stabbing machine. But seriously I'm grateful that the rest of the results came out alright, but I do have an uphill task ahead. Trying to find time and energy to work out while still being a 24/7 caregiver ain't gonna be easy. Oh, did I mention that I'm STD-free? ;)