Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cavalock and The Cuppage Plaza Challenge

First up, the answer to last post's question (in case anyone actually read it) is Breakdance 2: Electric Boogaloo. I know I'm showing my age here.

Weird food discovery of the week! MILO powder is officially an ice-cream topping?!? When did this happen? I guess McDonalds will put just about anything on their McFlurry, long as you sweet (and cheap!) and sprinkle-able or squirt-able, they'll drizzle it on your McFlurry for you.

Also in that last post, I wrote bout my lunch at Kushigin at Cuppage Plaza. Well, was back with my gaming buddies last weekend during dinner time, one had a craving for sushi so I brought them there. Remembered seeing all them hidden sushi joints tucked in the corner of each floor, between the very kinky but very expensive KTV lounges.

We walked round the entire place BUT we didn't eat at any one of them cos to my friend, they all looked expensive. I mean, most of them didn't have no menu on display and they don't look all that cheap either, from the outside.

A couple of them were kinda small and had only a few customers in them. Hence, the expensive, fancy and exclusive appearance I suppose.

I definitely do plan to try at least one of them soon. Yes, I still hope to be a Singapore food blogger one day. I am brushing up on my repertoire of words like 'delicious' to 'lip=smacking goodness'. Not bad eh? So which one of these restaurants should I visit first? Let me know and I'll be demanding my free meal there faster than you can say 'bill please!'

Oh yah, this Izakaya (Japanese pub) below was like full during weekday lunch so I'm thinking they aren't that expensive so that might be a good place to start.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cavalock and The Blogging Boogaloo

Quick! Pop quiz! Name one 80's movie with the word 'Boogaloo' in the title!

Its been a pretty interesting week for bloggers here in Singapore. You got he-said, she-said food fight and then some guys got busted for complaining online bout the government.

Damn, I wish I was a 'real life' food blogger. Maybe this could have been a free meal if I was one. It's like I'm this close, just toss in a couple of more adjectives the next time I write bout food and WHAM! free meals wherever I go! Whoo-hoo!

All right, now what you got here is the yakitori bento set from Kushigin at Cuppage Plaza. I believe they are the outfit as Nanbantei since the menu and food look exactly the same. But the price sure ain't cos the last time I was at Nanbantei which was late last year (I think), the same set was going for bout S$14 plus and here at Kushigin, it's only S$12.50. That's two bucks difference!

Taste-wise (now that's a word you sure don't see in a regular food blog), no complaints there. Just as tasty as at Nanbantei, only problem I found was the chicken balls were much smaller here.

Well, the Youth Olympic Games are finally over so maybe I can make a comment without the fear of getting of busted by the authorities. Hey, I'm not kidding here.

So can anyone tell me WTF kinda sport that is? I have no idea, it's like some kinda musketeer or swashbuckling sport. You got a rapier in one hand and a pistol in the other. I used to fence, sure don't remember firing any firearms back then. But if that's a real sport, that would be so cool.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cavalock and the iPad Library Implementation

Yup, finally back online! My modem decided to bite the dust earlier this week which led to my little misadventure getting a new wireless one, finding out the Mac AirPort isn't really one, then bargaining for the Linksys model and then not being able to get it to work, finally lugging it to the repair centre and ... forgetting bout the installation CD...arrrgghhh...

Ok, as I promised, the verdict on the Kurobuta (black pig) sandwich. The ham wasn't as seasoned as the other kinds of ham like Rosemary Ham, the ones you find in supermarkets like The Marketplace. So it wasn't the best ham ever but it does have a tasty natural flavor to it. But the star of the sandwich has got to be the apple jam! Savory ham with sweet apple jam, you just can't go wrong with that. Go grab a couple of bottles, I believe it's still on offer for S$2.60 a bottle at Meidi-Ya, it'll go just fine with any ham sandwich I think.

Speaking of supermarkets, look what I found at Cold Storage, looks yummy. Maybe this is the closest I'll ever get to dining at Lawry's. Hmmm... looks like the Steak and Chop Marinade is the more popular one.

What else have I been up to? Reading, lots of it, with the my iPad. If you like reading magazines and can't afford to buy them or/and don't have the space to keep them, the iPad is the godsend you been looking for!

Novels? Yah, they are out there but I think I prefer holding a paperback or hardcover in my hands. Anyway, you can find tons of new mags to read everyday. I been reading stuff I never thought I would just becos I can now!

Food Network mag. Never seen it on the shelves here but hey! You can find it on my iPad now!

Nah, I really don't think I'll be buying anything in Nylon Guys but a guy can still dream rite?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Cavalock Returns to Meidi-Ya

Yikes, even though I'm not working right now, its been a pretty exhausting week so far with me running around the island with my grown-up errands.

Anyway, found myself back at Meidi-Ya and dropped by their Japanese daily section again. Those are gone but as always, there's something cold and new waiting for me. New flavored drinks by Japanese company Morinaga! I remember grabbing their cold beverages all the time in Japan.

Green Tea Latte and some kinda strawberry drink. I didn't buy them so I can't vouch if they are any good but I did enjoy their stuff back then.

Here's something else I found at the supermarket. Slices of Kurobuta (yummy black pig!) ham, perfect for making sandwiches. Haven't seen them anywhere else before. Plus a bottle of Japanese apple jam! Bet they'll taste great together over the weekend.

BTW, added a new link at the top right corner, yes of cos, it's food related! It's to this really cool baking site Bakeralla. I actually stumbled across it like a year ago and became a fan ever since. It doesn't need me to sell it, just go visit it and you'll be a fan too.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One week in Sillypore 5

A couple of years ago, I did a couple of entries called A Week in Sillypore cos back then I just got a new digital SLR and I wanted to snap some random shots round the island with it.

Well, since I got lots of free time on my hands right now not that I got a choice in the matter but that's another story, here's (about) a week's worth of iPhone pix, in no particular order.

My second visit to Wild Honey the Mandarin Gallery and a very heavy English Breakfast brunch at 10.30am on a Saturday morning. After that I didn't have a bite at all till like 5.30pm in the evening when I finally found myself at Parco Millenia Walk. Yah, first time there since they changed it to a Japanese food theme.

Seriously, that place is a ghost town. I really doubt if it's gonna last more than a couple of years before they change the concept again. Early dinner was at ramen joint Nansuttei. Had the big bowl of Marutoku Negi Chashu at S$17, which is basically the one with everything in it. This place was like the only one with a long Q outside at bout 6pm plus. And yah, it's definitely worth Q-ing for, it's that good.

Hey look, Orchard Road is deserted on a weekday!

Same for the malls and train station too! Don't envy me cos I can roam the streets on a working day!

Had the guys over for board games last Friday at the start of the long weekend. That's Power Grid in the pix, great bidding game.

The almighty iPad, my new gadget toy, I just can't let go of it. Been doing a ton of downloading followed by reading on it. That's just one of the many mags I got in there. Not reading any novels on it, only mags, comics and reference books. I think if I wanna read novels, fiction or stuff like that, I'd still prefer the actual print edition. And damn right I'll be writing more bout my iPad next time!

Yup, that's the new iPhone 4 on my coffee table and nope, it ain't mine. Thor approves the iPhone 4. :P

While shopping for iPad accessories, look what I found although I have no idea how it could possibly work. You don't use your earphone to see anything so saying it's 3D is moot plus it jiggles while in your ear?!?

Now this ain't exactly a good shot but it's a tandoori chicken burger with salt and vinegar fries from Everything With Fries at Orchard Central. It's very sloppy hence no more pix of it after I picked up the burger. Not very tasty, I luv tandoori chicken and that my dear is no tandoori chicken. But the fries are pretty good. The owner's the lady who's behind Awfully Chocolate.

Saw this pet shop while I was in East Coast. All them cats and dogs roaming freely in the shop was really cute.

One of the last remaining traditional bakeries around. This one's at Whampoa, you don't need directions to find it, just follow that sweet baking aroma when you are in the neighborhood.

Don't forget to tick a box at the end and let me know if you wanna see more A Week series. <^;^>

Monday, August 09, 2010

Cavalock And The National Day Hypocrisy

Well, it's our little island's National Day and the last time I wanna do is rant bout the country but ...ARRGH!... after reading the papers over the last couple of days, I just can't help it.

First our supreme leader and my ex-neighbor (man, I shouldn't have waved at the damn convoy everyday when I was a kid) tells us that we should all be working till our last breath, don't you dare dream of retiring and enjoying life! Oh yah, I'm sure there are lots of people who with their last dying breath wish they had spent more time in the office instead of with their family!

Then yesterday we were told that as good citizens, one of the 5 'C's to aim for is 'children'. WTF?!? Look, I got nothing against kids, I just want the government to give a balanced view on having kids. It's not all bright and warm, fuzzy love when you have kids. There are a ton of downsides when you have kids. More today than ever before and people should be made aware of that. After telling all the pros and cons of having kids, then let them decide. Don't just feed them one side of the story and then insist that they go procreate. Just read my previous post and follow the link there.

Alright, had to get that out of my system. Now I know I am the last guy to write something bout this little famous patisserie but yes, I finally made it to Flor last week. As you can see, I got a chance to sample more than one slice of heaven. My favorite has got to be the Millefeuille, that's the top right one. That's their version of the classic Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc, something that I had the pleasure of having more than once when I was in Japan.

What else can I say bout the place? The cakes are great, a little pricy maybe but hell, you can't good stuff like that everywhere. It's at 2 Duxton Hill and they even got their own website. Oh, and a little reminder, please feel free to tick one of the little boxes at the end of each post! Like to know how you guys feel. Thanks! <^;^>

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cavalock and The East West Cockle Connection

Being not gainfully employed does have certain benefits, like having the time to travel to opposite ends of the island for food.

Finally made it to the popular Pasir Panjang Food Centre for the very first time. Went with the guys for dinner on a Tuesday evening. Unfortunately the roads leading the place and surrounding area were all under construction or major road renovations, so there's this huge barrier blocking it from the main road. That would explain why only half the stalls were open when we were there. Seems like biz is pretty slow cos of all the works around the place.

Anyway, it was a guy's nite out, all 10 of us. The place is laid out like Newton Circus, food stalls along the perimeter and seats in the middle of the circle. We had all the usual suspects, satay, chicken wings, stingray etc. The pix above is the only shot of the night, after that my fingers were in no condition to touch my iPhone. :P

Eating the 'sea hum' (cockles) was fun. Like the part where my friend opened a foul smelling one and he went, "Orrrgh, this is bad. Here, smell it." and we all eagerly took a sniff as he passed it around!

Another friend who works with kids told us how he got a letter from a parent who wants to know how to stop his kid from playing online games till two in the morning. The friend thought to himself, "Man, 2am is nothing! Back then, we played till four in the morning!"

So that was my little western adventure, back to the east! Was at the famous 328 Katong Laksa after like two years. Still as yummy as ever and just the right spice level for me.

And yes, there's them cockles again. After lunch was somewhere and something new for dessert.

Yup, that's the Awfully Chocolate at 131 East Coast Road. Stumbled upon it totally by accident. I think I mentioned before that I'm not a big dark choc fan, more of a white choc lover.

Presenting the white choc butterscotch block, quite possibly the best white choc cake around. Incredibly moist, smooth and just the right amount of dark choc for someone like me.

The super stacked cake had a gazillion choc flavors in there, I forgot. I just OD on the dark choc right there. Plus the choc ice cream that came with it, I think that's all the choc I can take till Xmas. But hey, if you are a serious choc lover, go for it.

And the whole deal ain't cheap either, S$21.35 for all you see there. Now the strange thing is they don't serve coffee or tea there although you do get free plain water. You can go buy your hot drinks at the kopi tiam across the road and bring it in.