Friday, August 13, 2010

Cavalock Returns to Meidi-Ya

Yikes, even though I'm not working right now, its been a pretty exhausting week so far with me running around the island with my grown-up errands.

Anyway, found myself back at Meidi-Ya and dropped by their Japanese daily section again. Those are gone but as always, there's something cold and new waiting for me. New flavored drinks by Japanese company Morinaga! I remember grabbing their cold beverages all the time in Japan.

Green Tea Latte and some kinda strawberry drink. I didn't buy them so I can't vouch if they are any good but I did enjoy their stuff back then.

Here's something else I found at the supermarket. Slices of Kurobuta (yummy black pig!) ham, perfect for making sandwiches. Haven't seen them anywhere else before. Plus a bottle of Japanese apple jam! Bet they'll taste great together over the weekend.

BTW, added a new link at the top right corner, yes of cos, it's food related! It's to this really cool baking site Bakeralla. I actually stumbled across it like a year ago and became a fan ever since. It doesn't need me to sell it, just go visit it and you'll be a fan too.


Jer Lin said...

zomg kurobuta pork ham?? sounds cool i should try it sometime (:

red fir said...

I saw these drinks & the kurobuta ham the other time too. Update on the ham!

Cavalock said...

Sure guys, will update on the black piggy ham in my next post! <^;^>