Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fishy Memories

Back when I was in Cannes, France on assignment, I had something called Soupe de Poisson and it became like my all-time favorite dish ever while I was there. It's a fish soup dish, not too fishy yet thick and really tasty. Almost all the restaurants along the beach served it and I had it just about every other day with my main meal.

When I finally came back to Singapore, I went looking for it everywhere (er, almost everywhere that my budget could get me to) but could never find it.

Then last week, many years later, I found it at The Marketplace supermarket at Raffles City! Well, not in a restaurant but in bottles. So did I buy any? Nope. I don't really know why not. Maybe it was the price(S$19.60 for the small bottle and S$22.70 for the larger one!) or maybe looking at the cooking instructions, I wasn't sure if I knew how to prepare it properly. Last thing I wanna do is ruin one of my favorite culinary memories! Haha. anyway, if I ever decide to try preparing it one day, at least I know where to get it now.

Meanwhile, four down and two to go!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Live Fast, Love Hard, Die With Your Mask On

You know back when we were young, we all did crazy stuff that we look back today and go, "Holy crap! Did I actually do that?!? What was I thinking?!" From getting into stupid relationships to tip-toeing over to the wrong side of the law, it's all part of growing up.

I know I pulled my fair share of crazy stunts. I had this little Four Rules to Living Life to the Fullest. Now remember, I was young, impulsive and reckless when I came up with this. Drinking, Smoking, Gambling and Fooling Around (if you know what I mean), you gotta indulge in at least one of these four vices to really enjoy life. You don't know how to enjoy life until you go all out on one of them. I know, it's a really, really stupid thing to go around saying but hell, I was young and stupid back then, I admit it but it was also a great conversation starter! Bring it up at guys-nite-out, parties, even wedding dinners and pretty soon, everyone's talking about their personal experiences, their favouite one etc.

Now, it's not like I was doing all four at the same time. I did 'do them' over various stages of my life, not intentionally fulfilling it but somehow it just happened over the years.

So why am I writing this? Some crazy attempt at bravado? I don't think so. I guess it's more like a way to remind myself of what it was like when I was younger.

Looking back, do I regret them? Absolutely not. But today, being older and ...er...wiser (I hope), I would never say those things to anyone, anymore. I mean, I would still talk about them to close friends as something a younger and dumber version of me was preaching years ago (and hopefully get a few laughs) but definitely not something to follow.

Actually there are some pretty funny stories behind them. Maybe I'll write them down one of these days.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sign Of The Times

First I gotta say a big 'Thank you' to YouTube for keeping me company when I had to work way past midnite, like four nites in a row. Thank the stars for music videos, SNL skits and WWE!

Still having some fun with me camera and here's what I snapped on me way to work. That means more wacky signs too!

A fallen bike! Yup, where I come from, it's a dangerous trek to work.

It's amazing what you can find during the Great Singapore Sale. In the words of Marge Simpson, "Yummy and nutritious!"

I really don't what they mean by this sign. Does this mean all the shopkeepers speak Cantonese? They get really, really nasty if you just browse and don't buy anything?

Am off to look for some comfort food! Most probably Jap. Damn straight I'm gonna be needing it after working like crazy! Who wants to join me?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Me First Meme

Got tagged with me first meme, so here goes...

one: what is the phone brand?
Sony Ericsson

two: what are the last three digits of your mobile number?

three: what does the second message in your inbox say?
You now have 2 chances in Raffles City’s Shop & Score Draw. To get another 1 Bonus Chance: SMS BONUSDRAW to xxxxx now.

four: who's the first person who comes up under the letter m?

five: who's the last person you rang?

six: who was your last missed call from?
…dunno…already deleted…

seven: who's the second person who comes up under d?

eight: what does the last message in your inbox say?
So you wanna lunch at chinatown?

nine: who comes up under j?

ten: go to your sent items -- what does the tenth message say?
none….i delete me sent box regularly…

eleven: who's the fourth person who comes up under s?

twelve: who's your network provider?

thirteen: how many messages are currently in your inbox?
Don’t think there’s a ‘count’ feature on me phone…too many to count…heh

fourteen: what do you have as your background?
One of them fancy built-in design patterns that came with the phone.

fifteen: who's the second person who comes up under r?

sixteen: who do you have on speed dial three?
no one

seventeen: if you're on pay as you go, how much credit do you have?
Not applicable

eighteen: who's the first person who comes up under c?

nineteen: how many bars of signal do you currently have?

twenty: what do you have as your main ringtone?