Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Weekend Home Alone

So what do you do when you are a guy living alone on a typical weekend? Well, you might want to start with an hour-long vacuuming workout followed by non-stop mopping like me, on a Friday nite right after work. It doesn’t help when the radio station removed their Friday nite retro party hit program and replaced it with sucky love songs. WTF? I need me loud, rock music when I’m mopping!! Mop = Mircophone stand, geddit?

A home alone weekend means walking around unshaven (for two whole days!) and being glad that it’s a rainy Saturday afternoon, cos you now have an excuse for staying indoors and playing World of Warcraft online. Awww come on, it’s not as bad as it sounds. I did leave the apartment to have dinner at me folks’ place on Saturday nite.

Sunday morning is laundry morning. Hang them high! And hang them dry! That’s what I say…er, metaphorically speaking of cos…hmmm, no, I don’t normally talk out loud to my laundry either…

Weekend home alone also means whipping u p a cool dessert like this, anytime of the day! Vanilla ice-cream with new mint choc Bailey’s.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hong Kong Foody

Well, finally found the time to post me Hong Kong food pix. Forgive me but I can't remember most if not all of the names of the places. I think it's a guy thing. Ever since the primitive hunter days, primate man would just remember the field where he hunted his dinner. Sure, he'll remember how to get there, climb which valley or cross that river. But name the place? Nahhhh. I don't think so. But I digress.

Some breakfast pix I managed to snap. Starting with macaroni and ham soup, a very thin ham omelet and of cos, me favourite milk tea - done Hong Kong style. But I got to say, I really enjoyed all the food there, all my meals. They were great!

Yes, they really loooove their macaroni here. Here, McDonald's muscles in on the lucrative macaroni market too!

Lunch was a little too hit-n-run for me to snap anything. So here's a couple of dinner pix instead. Something porky with pieces of bread to wrap them in.

A very, very nice (medium) steak at Suzuki cafe. Yes, that's mayo. Really.

Oh wait, I do have a lunch pix. Was the lunch I had near me hotel, just before heading to the airport. Wan Ton Mee with mango pudding dessert. Apparently the restaurant is pretty famous. Was there a previous nite for dinner and was told that the guy sitting behind my table was some TV actor. A minor supporting role kinda guy although I have no idea who he is or was or whatever.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Shopping Spree

Instead of the food pix (next post!), I thought I'll post some of the...er...stuff I got in Hong Kong. Managed to grab some time off for some shopping, after finishing what I was supposed to be doing in Hong Kong. Since it wasn't the Sale season, I didn't do much heavy duty buying. Hit the Esprit factory outlet that's around the corner from my hotel. It's the kinda store where it's almost impossible to find any L outfits, every guy's outfit is either S or XXL.

Geek that I am, I finally found me Battlestar Galactica ship at Toys R Us at the Festival Walk mall. Happy, happy, joy, joy! Plus a ...er...'friendly version' of the new Doctor Who season one DVD in Mong Kok.

Speaking of Festival Walk, here's a pair of really comfortable shoes I got. Don't ask me how much they cost cos I don't wanna remind myself!

OK, now at the time when I saw these sirens, I thought it was a really cool idea to buy them!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Finally Meeting The Doctor

Am back from Hong Kong. Allow me to geek out a little first. Probably one of the most memorable things getting there was the inflight TV show on SQ. After almost 20 years, i finally got to watch a new sci-fi episode of Doctor Who. It's from the latest season, single episode called "The Lady in the Fireplace". Great story, brilliant twist ending. Always been a fan, remember reading a whole ton of Doctor Who paperbacks when I was a kid. Anyway, if anyone is flying SQ this month, be sure to catch it. Gawd, sounds like I'm working again.

And here's the view from me 4th floor hotel window in Tsim Sha Tsui. Man, you guys should see that United Colors neon sign light up every nite! Right smack in me face! I kid you not.

Anyway, coming back to Hong Kong after all years, I did noticed a few things that have or haven't changed.

1. There are no fat or overweight people in Hong Kong. Despite all the good food everywhere, it's hard to see anyone who's out of shape. Amazing but true. More on the good food in me next post.

2. There sure are a lot African touts at almost every street corner. Just like in Japan, there seems to be influx of them.

3. My Cantonese still sucks!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Return To Hong Kong

I'll be heading to Hong Kong later in the week. Its gonna be me first time back since like, before the handover to China. The last time I was there was a couple of months before the handover. It was when I was really young and pretty pissed off with some stuff back home here. Was sometime I always wanted to do back then, visit Hong Kong just before the British left. So I decided to pack me bag, bought me ticket for one and hopped on a plane almost immediately. No planning involved. Absolutely none. Only told me folks bout it. It was perhaps one of the most spontaneous things I have ever done. Sometimes I still can't believe me folks let me get away with it. Oh yah, best part of it, I couldn't speak a word of Cantonese!

Should I write bout what happened there? I dunno. Maybe one day I will.

Anyway, was wondering if anyone out there could fill me in on ...well... anything that you think I should keep an eye out while in Hong Kong. Thanks in advance!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Comfort Food Part II

Discovered a soon kueh stall at the opposite end of the hawker centre where I have my ‘occasional’ comfort breakfast. Silly me, never knew it was there all along. They were stuffed with the usual tasty turnip, mushroom fillings. Didn’t notice anything else special but it was all good. It’s served slightly ‘fried’ from a huge pan filled with other Chinese breakfast goodies like rice kueh. I had three soon kueh topped with the must-have dark sweet sauce plus my usual cup of tea. Not a bad deal for 80 cents each.

Ah…but the highlight of the day was the return of the old gang, thanks to the new WOW TCG. Went to Paradigm Infinitum that night and almost everyone was there. Some I haven’t seen in ages. Most were familiar faces from the days of LOTR and VS. It was pretty cool, looks like the old fellowship is coming back. But that’s gonna mean spending more money again as well as the neverending quest for more storage space. Sigh.