Tuesday, September 26, 2006

When Heroes Turn Bad

Something I saw outside an Astroboy shop. Now I always thought that was a rather rude gesture, from Europe I think...kinda like an 'up yours' or 'F**k you' with elbow and raised fist...what do you think?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

To A Crisp

I seem to have this strange habit of coming across bikes in various states of ...er...'despair' on me way to work recently. Man, do I live in a mean neighbourhood or what?

Thought I'll just toss in this other little more colourful or vibrant pix as a contrast to the one above. Well, I just thought it's a pretty neat shot.

Haven't been updating much actually, late nights at the office and all that. When I'm back home, I just wanna hit WOW or catch up on some reading. Good news is I haven't placed a single soccer bet since ...er....my last entry? At least since me birthday, I think. Speaking of me birthday, am still trying to figure out how to convert videos for me PSP. Having some problems trying to watch them.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Public Service Warning

A close friend of mine got the new Nokia 5500 Sport and believe me when I say it’s probably the worst phone we have ever seen and used.

Stay away from this phone at all costs! For starters, the rubberized keypad is almost impossible to use, keying in SMS has become a chore. The screen is small compared to most other phones out there. It’s supposed to be packed with features that count your heartbeat, play music, etc. as you work out BUT seeing how heavy this thing is, who would be dumb enough to lug it about while excising? There are better, smaller, lighter and cooler devices to carry with you while working out!

Now here comes the worst of it. The rubber seal at the base of the phone pretty much fell apart not long after he bought it. Now the connections at the base are exposed with the rubber thing flapping about. Poor material? Shoddy workmanship? His bad luck? I dunno. And it ain’t cheap either!

If there’s anyone out there reading this. Just warn all your family and friends to stay away from this piece of monkey crap. The Nokia 5500 Sport SUCKS! For the kind of price you are paying, there are better Nokia and non-Nokia phones to choose from.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We Need More Hookers!

After all the tight security crap and strong arm tactics the Government here is dishing out for IMF meeting and along comes this beautiful headline in the state-controlled press.

I love it! I can forgive the Government for all that brown shirt crap after reading this article. It states in no uncertain terms that “We need more hookers!” for the thousands of IMF delegates. Seriously. That’s the crystal clear message. Check out that quote "New recruits know what the escort industry is all about so they are aware of their duties."

It’s so serious, it’s freakin’ hilarious! It’s written in such a straight-faced, matter-of-fact manner, complete with interviews with escort agencies (aka pimps), their rates ($1,000 for an overnight) etc. If you lived here, you would know that this is not the kind of article you normally see in your daily papers.

Remember boys and girls, prostitution is LEGAL in sunny Singapore, it's only soliciting that's illegal.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Just Another Day

Ah...finally got the day off on Friday yesterday. Was me birthday. Went back for a great home cooked meal at me mom's place. She still makes the best steak (and pork chops and spaghetti)around. Then it was back home to catch Slither on DVD. Not a bad horror/comedy, kinda like Tremors. Someone once said, you know you are old when you look at your CD collection and realized that all the bands have either disbanded or the members are all dead.

Dinner was at Checkers at The Hilton. It was a seafood buffet. I think it's seafood every friday nites and Japanese every saturday nite. The best part was freeflow of wine! Woo-hoo! We actually thought of heading to The Line at Shangri-la but decided to try somewhere new for a change. What's more, The Line doesn't have free booze and it's more expensive but they do have a wider selection of food. Anyway, it was a pretty good dinner. They had oysters from four different countries, I only had the ones from France. I was told the cheesecake was pretty famous. Me being the wise-ass that I am, I did ask if they were going to play the Paris Hilton CD over the PA system. Heh.

Today was a little more interesting. Camper shoes at Takashimaya was having a 50% off everything but there weren't that much good guy shoes left. Lots of women shoes still around. Oh yah, reunited a lost 5-year-old girl with her mother and finally treated meself to this.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sunday Breakfast For Two

So we got to 4 Rochester Park at 9.20am and realized that we were the restaurant’s first two breakfast diners. Our reservations were at 9.30am. We chose the outdoor table instead (I made indoor reservations just in case it rained) and placed our orders about 20 mins later.

Now I read some pretty mixed reviews about the place. Mostly it all came down to great food, good ambience but bad service. And I have to say from my Sunday experience, it’s kinda true.

We didn’t have to wait that long for our food but about half hour later, after we finished our meal, I noticed that most of the other patrons that showed up not long after we did, they were still waiting for their food.

It all just seemed like a very long wait to me. Although I must admit, the staff all looked very, very busy. It’s not like anyone was lazing around. Anyway, the omelet we ordered was supposed to come with mushrooms, bacon, sausage and potatoes as per our choices. They forgot the mushrooms.

Fortunately there was a generous serving of mushrooms in my Cast Iron Pan breakfast, so I passed some over.

Oh yah, we fed breakfast to a couple of mosquitoes too.