Friday, January 15, 2010

Cavalock and The Cheating Complex

Saw an article in Friday's papers bout why men cheat. Yah, it's cos of Tiger Woods that our press decided to come up with a lame attempt of a cover story. Now here's something I been telling my friends since all this started. If Tiger was living in Singapore, he would have gotten away with boning every single groupie for sure.

Why? Cos our press and media would never ever report the extramarital affairs of our prominent citizens. It's a fact! I know for sure but hell if I'm gonna be dropping names here. From captains of industries to familiar faces to prominent individuals, at least half of them either have regular one-nite stands with nameless hookers or have long-time mistresses.

Just look at the parking lot of any high-end KTV clubs, the number of big fancy cars clearing shows the class bracket of men getting their feel of China gals. Gawd knows how many deals are sealed with overseas clients in private KTV rooms, seriously. You hear all kinds of other stories, sometimes you even see it with your own eyes but you'll never read about it, not in this country.

So what if you are cheating on your wife, as long as you are bringing in fame and $$$ for the country and don't break the law, you'll get a free pass from the local press and media.

Alright time for some good food recap. Finally found time to drop in at Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery for breakfast.

Had the Sweet Morning Set, that's french toast stuffed with grilled mangos plus vanilla mascarpone, berry compote and the familiar maple syrup. I luv sweet stuff and that is one really sweeeeet breakfast, just the way I like it. For a much better write-up of this as well as more mouth-watering pix, head right to this cool review. Thanks Ice! Only problem was it was a little too little for me. Fortunately I had bout one-fifth of this English Breakfast set to fill me up. Hah, I'm a big breakfast kinda guy. <^;^>

As you can see, not the best iPhone shots. Place was pretty dim, felt like having a candlelit dinner than breakfast. Anyway, if you like flat white, they serve a good one too.


ice said...

Yups that's our local media for you.

You had 2 sets? Wow that's surely a hearty appetite. Sweet morning isn't that sweet actually till you add the maple.

Stargirl said...

Ikea used to sell fabulous French toast; your post and ice's post just reminded me that perhaps I should send them an email requesting for it to be back on the menu!
On a side note, I love breakfast food too :D

Cavalock said...

ice: yup, must have the maple!

stargirl: never had the ikea french toast before. <^;^>