Saturday, January 02, 2010

Cavalock and The Twitter Pix Experiment

Hey wow, looks like I'm a day late but HAPPY NEW YEAR! <^;^>

As I'm typing this on Saturday nite, I got a couple of other windows opened on my MacBook. One is work and the other is Twitter. Dunno if folks reading this know but I got a Twitter running on the right side of this blog and ever since I got my iPhone, I been updating it more than usual.

Well I (finally) figured out how to post my pix on Twitter too so look out for some instant pix from wherever the heck I'll be at that precise moment. Any requests?

Managed to take a break between my writing to have at Suntec City today, look what I saw.

Is this new? I know they sell croc meat, seen that before but think this is the first time I have seen kangaroo meat. Forgot to check the price tag for it. Bet it tastes like chicken. Or maybe a certain Chinese restaurant will pass it off as beef! :P

OK, time to get back to work....


ice said...

Kangaroo tastes somewhat like liver if memory serves me right, had that in aussie some time ago. Maybe that restaurant will do a stir-fry liver with spring onions hah.

Happy New Year to you too!

Cavalock said...

opps, forgot to mention that its Carrefor and not a restaurant that was selling the kangaroo meat. <^;^>