Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cavalock and The Zi Char Solution

So after Saturday's restaurant meal$, it was time for some zi-char at Blk 4A Jalan Batu #01-40. First time there but it came very well recommended and looking at the long Q at 6.30pm Sunday, lots of people feel the same way too.

This was my favorite of all the dishes we had. Cheese-flavoured pork! I had no idea how it was gonna taste like so when I took that first bite, it was pleasant surprise. The cheese wasn't overpowering at all and it was just the right amount of cheesiness to compliment each piece of meat. And boneless too!

That's duck in there. Not bad but not much either for a table of six.

And that's your usual chicken below. Of cos there were veggies (too spicy for me), soup and a very delicious fish. It's a pretty good stall and they got another outlet at Toa Payoh, worth a another visit but only if I can get a ride.


Anonymous said...

I'm still reading your "cheating complex" post, I've honestly never tasted these salivating dishes before.. gosh try and eat the most fabulous foods.

Cavalock said...

well, i sure wouldn't mind trading any of them for some authentic Japanese food. <^;^>