Monday, January 25, 2010

Cavalock and The Food Pix Dilemma

What? No food updates today? Yup, here's why.

Seems like the more I twitter, the less stuff I have to blog. I mean, I know I been posting twitter pix of stuff that I would normally blog about. Honestly I dunno how many people read my stuff or see the twitter pix. So I guess mebbe less food posts and more non-food posts? But more twitter pix on food? I dunno, any suggestions from anyone out there? Well, at least the food twitter pix are more current cos I tend to post them almost immediately after my meal. <^;^>

Oh yah, so I'm really falling deeper and deeper into geekdom here. Finally caved in and brought one of last year's San Diego Comic Con's exclusive action figures. It was first released at the Convention but Takashimaya had Hasbro's black-and-white Captain America for like only S$12 here, after sale discount.

Heh, it's good that I can indulge in stuff like this and honestly say that it's (a small) part of my work.


red fir said...

I prefer the food pictures here on your blog.

imp said...

your blog pix look nicer leh. i still like blogs over twitter. but i read both of yours anyway!

Cavalock said...

ice and imp: Thanks! <^;^>