Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cavalock and The Plastic Permeability

It's all things plastic as I found myself at the Toyogo warehouse at Toa Payoh this morning. Been told that it's THE place to go to for all things plastic, and they are all much cheaper than their regular retail prices.

Geez ... can't believe I actually snapped more than one pix of plastic boxes. The bigger ones in the above pix are almost 10 bucks cheaper here.

Anyway, spent bout S$70 there and took a cab home. Time to start packing those old books and game boxes away. And speaking of games (and still on plastic stuff), here are two new boardgames I bought a couple of days ago during a sale at P.I., a local gaming shop.

Ingenious is a really, really simple and fun game for two to four players. Finalist for best boardgame a few years ago. Kinda like dominos and Scrabble cept using colours instead of letters. Score points by matching colours on a board. Got it primarily to try to get some non-gamers gaming. Any takers? <^;^>

The other game is Carcassone: New World, a spin-off from the popular Carcassone series. Little harder than Ingenious but still fun.

Well, I still managed to find time for a fancy Chinese dinner at Min Jiang at Goodwood Park Hotel last nite. First time there and I enjoyed every dish cept for a weird mixup, ordered black pepper beef and was served black pepper pork! The waiter insisted that it was beef until we asked him to bring it back to the kitchen, turned out we were right. Wasn't his fault, mix-up was in the kitchen I guess, they took the wrong slabs of meat. I believe there was no black pepper pork in the menu in the first place.

Two of my favourite dished that nite were the giant herbal prawns and mee sua with crab meat and egg. With those huge prawns stewing in it, the soup was really rich with the usual strong herbal flavour you would expect from it.

The crabmeat mee sua was something new. Very smooth and so good that you just wish you had another serving.

Well, after peeling the prawns, my fingers were in no condition to be touching my iPhone. So those were the only pix I managed to take of dinner. <^;^>


ice said...

"took the wrong slabs of meat" lol. What a lousy excuse. I remember having a good meal at Min Jiang before.

I like your last sentence, a good excuse hah. Happy New Year! =)

Lunch is Served! said...

Happy New Year Cavalock :)

Cavalock said...

Ice: well, i think its the kitchen mixup but i must say service was quite good, no complaints there. Happy New Year!

Lunch: Happy New Year and may you have many more great watches to your collection!

richard said...

Toyogo looks interesting. Of course, I am always in need of organizing my stuff.

Cavalock said...

know wat u mean. ;)