Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cavalock and The Gaming Paradigm

Tonkichi at Takashimaya has a Christmas Kurobuta Set out. Had it for lunch instead of my usual, and I kinda liked although some might find it a little too oily.

Remember to grind your sesame seeds, pour the sauce on your pork cutlets before dipping them into the seeds.

Got another day off on Friday and that meant a very, very long overdue as well as overnite, weekend gaming session with the guys. Last time we had one of these big sessions was like, four or five years ago. And a big gaming session to us is a gathering of at least 10 guys and that means it's gonna be too big to have it at any of our apartments.

If anyone is interested, the game below is Endeavor. Great new game (cos first time playing it and I won!) bout world exploration and empire building. You represent a European empire colonizing the Mediterranean and shipping stuff around the world.

Anyway, finding a suitable place for gaming the school holidays is also tough cos it's the school holidays but one of us managed to book a chalet waaaaaaaay out in the east. So there we were on a Friday afternoon, dragging more than a dozen heavy boardgames through the light rain and into a little room in the middle of nowhere.

It's not easy to get 10 guys to agree on a suitable weekend of 3 days and 2 nites of gaming. We are all working and half of us are married with little kids.

At any one time we had at least two boardgames up and running in the room. The game above is our ever popular Citadels and the one below is one of the current best-sellers, Small World.

Here's something we found out. Never ever play the Battlestar Galatica Boardgame with people who have never watched the show. It's no fun at all! "'s a Cylon?"

We had over 20 boardgames, three notebooks (yay for free WiFi!) and the plan was to game from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. Well, I stayed till after Saturday breakfast. No one slept on Friday nite, we gamed right through the nite.


richard said...

I haven't gamed in over 20 years (unless you count playing Pokemon with my son).

Did you actually go through all those boardgames? Or just stuck to 1 or 3 of tehm?

Cavalock said...

well, in the 15 hours I was there, I played bout 7 or 8 different boardgames. when i left on sat morning, there were still bout 6 guys there, more will come later in the day. trust me, we can game all day, we done it before. hell, 4 of us even went overseas for 4 days of serious boardgames. ;)

funny story bout Pokemon. when it first started, one of my freinds was a teenager and he won all the games till he was like country champ or something like that. BUT cos since he's much older than the little kids playing, the kids' folks started accusing him of cheating! But of cos, he didn't cheat, he's just a much better and mature player.

so Spiffy said...

I honestly have no idea about the game.. but the Christmas set looks delish and full of lots of calories... damn...

Cavalock said...

The xmas set was good, now i just need to find a xmas sushi set somewhere.

imp said...

WOAH, that is one serious game session! I must check out Small World. Haven't had time to do it yet.

Cavalock said...

Small World is great but if u looking for something with simpler rules, try Ra or Kingsburg

Debbie said...

Oh dear lord. I'm so hungry now.