Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cavalock and The Raisin Butter Cookie Reaction


So on Christmas Eve morning I finally got my hands on the much talked about Marusei butter sandwiches. I missed the earlier sale a couple of months ago, they were sold out in a flash. This time, there were available on 23rd and Christmas Eve at Takashimaya.

They were S$12 for a box of five, and limited to 3 boxes per person. It's from Rokkatei, a famous confectionery from Hokkaido. The sandwich is made up of a yummy smooth and creamy sweet spread, mixed with equally sweet raisins. And the cookies is light and heavenly too. I'm like having two or three every nite after dinner! <^;^>

Check this out, Christmas ain't over yet but Chinese New Year decos are already on sale at Waterloo Street. I forgot, what animal is front and center next year? BTW, all the pix here were taken via my iPhone with the Snapture application. Thought they turned out pretty good.


red fir said...

Not sure if they have this particular brand of sand, but you can get similar raisin sands at Nippon-ya @ Ion. I think I've seen these there before. Besides Yamakawa Super, Nippon-ya is my the other hangout for Jap goodies.

Cavalock said...

yah, saw the raisin cookie sandwiches at Nippon-ya too but its a completely different brand.

Actually if u look at the pix on the box at Nippon-ya, it looks like their cookie sandwich has much less creamy butter. that is, if the pix is accurate lah.