Monday, December 07, 2009

Cavalock and The Star-Crossed Decay

Saw this at a greeting card stand and I went WTF?!? before cracking up. You know how there are greeting card categories for different occasions or folks, well, here's one for star-crossed lovers trapped in a Romeo Juliet situation ... or maybe it's a card for the next Republican candidate?

I forgot to snap a pix of the card but it's just a long boring love poem on the cover that continues inside. Does this make me an unromantic person?

Oh, and from something funny to something nasty. While dining at Tonkichi, there was this lady who made her maid sit outside the restaurant while she ate at the table! The restaurant had no problems with the maid or anyone else eating there, it was the maid's employer who was being a dick.


richard said...

I think it sends the wrong message. A relationship is about two people, you can't have a good relationship if only one person is doing the fighting.

Cavalock said...

yup, can't always hv the guy doing everything. hah!