Monday, December 28, 2009

Cavalock and The Ootoya Expedition

Went to Ootoya a couple of weeks ago after reading all those reviews but there was a really long dinner Q so I figured maybe lunch would be a better idea.

So I was there last Sunday bout 12.30pm and got a seat almost immediately. Now you gotta forgive me for this cos I forgot to take down the names of what I had, so I'm gonna just wing it here. :P

Alright, this one's easy. The mackerel here was perfectly (charcoal) grilled. It came real fast too, unlike the dessert later which took forever.

A very tasty pork soup dish here with veggies thrown in, its the kinda fatty pork that you usually find in your ramen. Always wondered if they use MSG or not?

A very delicious set meal with ... I think it's chargrilled pork, I can't remember, I know it's pork! And in case anyone's wondering, no, I didn't order any booze. Kids, this is not how you do a food blog or even attempt to do on ... try to remember what you ate if you are gonna write bout it later...<^;^>

And finally we come to the dessert that took almost a half hour to make. Was it worth the wait? It was alright. There were other kinds of dessert that I would like to try next time. Yah, even though the service wasn't as polished as I would like to be, I'll still give the place another shot.


red fir said...

Cool you went Ootoya. Lemme guess... you had the pork soup? Does that come in a set? I don't remember seeing it when I was there.

Anonymous said...

My two favorites... red bean and Macha ice cream.

Cavalock said...

ice: yup, its part of the set. just wanted a close shot of the main dish without the other stuff around.

April: was crazy bout when i first tried it years ago