Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cavalock and The Office Christmas Party Phenomenon

Goodbye wild drunkard office Christmas parties. Hello sober afternoon office Christmas lunch. Hey, not that I'm complaining at all. I had a great time but it's just such a big difference. In my old industry, all those stories about folks getting drunk and doing stuff they shouldn't be doing, all true.

Free flow of booze. Individuals who shouldn't be kissing certain people caught on film tongue wrestling. People throwing up or passing out drunk on the dance floor, in the loo or even on the steps of city hall * ahem*.

Now I don't wanna jinx anything but office Xmas parties' lucky draws seem to be my thing. Here's this year's loot. Oh, every pix in this post was snapped by my iPhone. Wanted to see how clear the close-ups were.

Most of us thought it was kinda weird that it doesn't come with one of their famous pens but I'm cool with it.

I used to have an organizer but traded that in for a couple of Palm handheld organizers. Now it's the iPhone and I guess, an organizer again. So how's it look with my British Museum pencils?

Some more random pix I took with iPhone. Yup, I like my Carl's Jr Lemon tea really, really lemony! <^;^>

The cold drinks' section in a *gasp* Korean grocery store. One of the few times anyone will ever catch me having anything to do Korean stuff. :P

Next up are a couple of great Christmas log cakes from The Patissier. Both taste as good as they look!


ice said...

Haha I was just going to tease you about cakes from Patissier! Oh yes the ILT from Carl's Jr is surprisingly good (I'm a major sucker for good ILT).

Merry Christmas! No turkey & ham? =P

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas = )

This is such a fab gift.. Mont Blanc... the color and the wrapping so chic...

Cavalock said...

ice: Merry Christmas Ice! well, it was more ham than turkey this year! <^;^>

April Marie: yah, was pretty lucky to win it. everyone in the office kept asking me to open the box but i kept putting it off cos i really liked the wrapped too. hah!

Stargirl said...

the Korean crushed pear juice (3rd from the right in the bottom row( is awesome! have a bottle of it in my fridge right now teehee (:

Cavalock said...

Cool, i'll keep an eye out for it the next I'm there. Thanks for dropping by!