Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cavalock and The Kissing Formulation

It's that time of year again! A time for year-end office parties and plenty of snogging. Well, I came from an industry notorious for wild office partying. It ain't exactly like Mad Men but I think it was close enough. Man, the stories I could tell, I think I wrote something bout it in one of my earlier posts...

Anyway, saw these couple of kissing polls from What Japan Thinks and I thought it was pretty funny, especially the one bout getting getting both entangling glasses.

Hey, feel free add to the list or even share your own experience! <^;^>

What was your worst ever kiss? (Women, sample size = 738)

Rank Score
1Someone I didn’t like suddenly kissed me100
2Partner had terrible bad breath72.4
3Was drunk and kissed anyone62.2
4Got rubbed by his whiskers and it hurt49.6
5Bumped teeth43.3
6Unnecessarily long snog33.1
7Was a dare in a “Truth or Dare”31.5
8Family saw us27.6
9Was kissed in front of people21.3
10Partner had heavy nose breathing19.7
11It was a parting kiss19.7
12The guy I really fancy saw me kissing someone else17.3
13Partner had protruding nose hair17.3
14Partner was watching the television16.5
15Partner’s rough lips hurt15.0
16Got a static shock13.4
17Our glasses got entangled11.8
18Partner got a nosebleed11.0
19Partner didn’t close his eyes10.2
20Stranger interjected something while we were snogging9.4

What was worst ever kiss? (Men, sample size = 418)

Rank Score
1Partner had terrible bad breath100
2Bumped teeth86.2
3Was drunk and kissed anyone67.2
4Was a dare in a “Truth or Dare”43.1
5Partner’s lipstick, lipgloss was all sticky41.4
6Someone I didn’t like suddenly kissed me37.9
7Partner didn’t close her eyes36.2
8Family saw us22.4
9=Partner had protruding nose hair19.0
9=Partner’s rough lips hurt19.0
11=Got a static shock17.2
11=It was a parting kiss17.2
13The girl I really fancy saw me kissing someone else13.8
14=Was kissed in front of people13.8
14=Our glasses got entangled13.8
16Partner had heavy nose breathing12.1
17=Partner was watching the television10.3
17=It was dark and I missed her lips10.3
17=Stranger interjected something while we were snogging10.3
20Needed to go to the toilet mid-snog8.6

Back to food, still hanging out at Orchard Central which really doesn't have anything or shop worth visiting 'cept the eating places. Had dinner last Saturday at this joint called Grilled Out.

I'll try to make this brief ... see that plate up there? That there's the S$39++ Dinner Combo B. From the top, you got your US Kurobuta pork cordon bleu, that was pretty bad. Middle piece is your US black angus ribeye, now that was good, done just right and very juicy. Bottom two round pieces are the US beef roll, that's wrapped with bacon, how were they? Meh.

Total score, one out of three. Thank gawd I had this to wash the bad stuff down.


ice said...

That's so much meat to stomach! At least you had a good drink to wash all that down... I didn't haha.

Cavalock said...

its not much. the angus steak was extremely thin and i never finished the awfuk kurobuta pork.