Monday, December 15, 2008

'Stoners got into the cabs'

To be honest, I was actually quite surprised by my ability to hold onto my booze that nite.

3 mugs of Assahi beer
2 rum n’ coke
2 tequila shots
1 mystery shot

Yup, it’s the annual office dinner party again. That time of the year when some of us cement our industry’s reputation for hosting slutty, sleazy promiscuous drunkard parties. And me being one of the sober ones, had to make sure the stoners got into the cabs in one piece at the end of the nite.

But this year, am at this new agency. Argh, not as close to the folks here as I was to the people at my previous place. I miss those guys. *sigh*

Anyway, looks like my year-end party prize streak is back on! At my previous agency, I started with bout S$100 voucher, the next year got a 3D/2N Batam or was it Bintan stay (didn’t have time to use it) and capped it off with this baby. Well, won me a 2GB ipod shuffle and S$200 voucher this year. There were a bunch of different shopping vouchers to choose from. The Taka vouchers were all gone by the time I got there this morning. The other winners were really fast in collecting them! Wanted those. The practical side of me settled on the NTUC vouchers instead of the remaining like Tangs and Ikea.

So like anyone interested in getting a brand new 2GB ipod shuffle for S$80, it’s retailing for S$108 I think.


dilutedmagnetics said...

Oh so lucky!

Cavalock said...

Hah! thanks