Saturday, December 20, 2008

'Take a good look at them'

Here's a post that's partly inspired by Lunch and Ice posts bout mini Japanese food replicas.

First we gonna travel back in time to 2006 when I was on little Japanese island called Miyajima.

Nice little place, spent the nite there in quaint little inn. In the room, there were these little snacks, traditional snacks from the region I suppose. Now take a good look at the two pix below, there are the REAL deal.

I think a couple of months later back in Singapore, I found this at a local Japanese toy store - the mini-look-alikes! The boxes were marked so I knew what I was getting in them. The next few pix below I took today. I actually have them on display next to the TV in my living room. Can't zoom any closer, but they look like the real thing to me, right down to the little tea kettle and cups.

Geez, I just realized I got a whole bunch of pix from my earlier Japan trips like the ones above that I never got to post. So here are the dinner pix I had at the inn, followed by the breakfast pix the next morning. Can you imagine eating all that for dinner (the pix only shows half of it!), then waking up to more food?!?


red fir said...

LOL. Those miniatures are so cute!

Yes! I can imagine eating all that for dinner, then waking up to more food... yums! It's Jap food my tummy's always and forever hungry for them! =)

dilutedmagnetics said...

Oh my! What a nice shot of the miniatures! And you saw them in Japan too without realising it. LOL!

dilutedmagnetics said...

Hey Cavalock

I need a man's opinion on something:

Suppose you had a massive crush on a girl, and she's been giving you the cold shoulder. But everyday you try to ask her out to lunch, tea, dinner - every meal lah. She never agrees. But one day, when you call her to try to ask her out, she asks if you could lend her 5 grand.

Would you lend her the money? What kind of signal do you think she is sending?

I've asked 2 guys this question, one said he would lend her money because he likes the girl; the other says yes too, but only if she sleeps with him. OMG!

Do you think this is a good thing to do if I'm trying to get rid of unwanted attention from a male colleague?

Cavalock said...

ice: i know how yr tummy feels! just had a long overdue nanbantei lunch.

lunch: no 'crush', no mater how massive is worth 5G to me. If she doesn't give me the time of day n suddenly asks me for $$$, no way man.

now if u r using this tactic to scare someone away, up the amount. if u guys make as money as i think u do, he might just lend u 5G. n really, there r waaaaay better ways for a woman to show a guy an ugly side than just asking for $$$.

hope that helps! <^;^>

red fir said...

diva: Don't ask me that question hehe.

cavalock: Seriously, I think money brings out the ugliest side of mankind.

dilutedmagnetics said...

O.k., maybe asking for 5G wasn't such a good idea huh? I thought I was showing my ugly side ALL THE TIME. But this guy just doesn't get the idea. I really hate over confident guys. LOL!

Cavalock said...

wah liao, he know u married, he still want to tackle u ah?

dilutedmagnetics said...

I mean, he is married too! I think he just wants a fling lah. This guy's terrible. Maybe I should report this to HR. LOL!

Cavalock said...

welj, i know guys like that. Even though they r married, they need to show that they still got it with the ladies. thrill of the chase, makes them feel young, etc.. Bet its not just in the workplace, he's practicing his 'skills'. Feel sorry for the wife.