Monday, December 08, 2008

'It's chilly and windy again'

It's chilly and windy again, the way it should be this time a year. The way I like it to be.

Had a real interesting cab ride over the weekend. A very polite, older Malay driver who was a former commie-killing, commando from a cannibal tribe in Sarawak. You sure as hell don't expect to run into one of those guys these days. We talked bout the Somalian pirates, terrorism and the time he served in the Congo. Like I said, not your average cab ride.

Finally managed to read a damn good horror novel by Joe Hill. Wanna know who he really is? Well, I'm not a fan of his dad but I definitely like junior's stuff. I believe Warner Bros is already developing the movie version. A colleague passed me the book and it took me almost a week to finish it. I must be getting old, I usually finish a good book in a couple of days. 'Heart-Shaped Box', argh, wish it didn't have such a 'girly' title, bet folks thought I was reading a romance novel when I had it while Q-ing outside Wasabi Tei.

Something else I did over the long weekend was helped out in making this bunch of while choc cookies.

Very sweeeeet, just the way I like them.


dilutedmagnetics said...

Those cookies look AWESOME!

Cavalock said...

Thanks! I brought them to the office 3 days in a row! And they were gone real fast! But they were definitely too sweet, must use less suger than wat the instructions said, think its cos white choc r naturally sweeter.

Anonymous said...



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