Saturday, December 27, 2008

'More lemony than others'

I finally found my scallops at Carrefor! Thanks to everyone who answered my last post. I actually found some at Cold Storage Takashimaya but they were from China and I was like, maybe it's not that safe to eat stuff from China just yet... but later that day, I found some Chilean scallops and shells at Paragon. But it was today that I found some bigger packs from Indonesia at Carrefor Suntec. So I figured might as well. ;P

You got your breadcrumbs and the scallops right there, the recipe called for scallops without the roe, which was what I got. You'll see that I re-placed two scallops per shell.

After 20 minutes in the oven, here you go, Scallops-in-the-Shell! To be honest, I was afraid it would suck cos I didn't follow exactly like the book said but it didn't! Although the taste wasn't very consistent. Some were more garlicky while another was more lemony than others.

Oh, and speaking of my last post, I found a macaron recipe in the latest Jan 2009 issue of Living! Not that I'll try it, looks tough.

Here's something cool I got a couple of weeks ago at Mos Burger. They were going for S$3 each and I thought I'll just grab the whole collection since they got two of my Mos favourites. Can anyone guess which two? <^;^>


red fir said...

Looks damn good the scallops! Are these fresh scallops or frozen ones? 20 min in the oven... hahaha isn't that too much for scallops? These babies can't be overcooked!

My guess... hmm...the Mos burger and rice burger?

dilutedmagnetics said...

Looks really yummy to me!

My Mos favourite is the rice burger. So, I'm guessing that. Don't they have one in a french fry?

Cavalock said...

ice: 20mins is fine, that’s what the book said. No overcooked scallops.

lunch: no french fries. that's the complete set. u might have seen the gashapon set in the machines, that one has the fries. i bought this set over the counter from mos burger.

Hah, all wrong! My fav are plain dog and mos cheese burger! hmmm, the chesse burger is the bottom left, guess that one is bit hard to see.