Tuesday, December 30, 2008

'She's the best deal in town'

Back with my Otaku 'Best of' list. Now I didn’t really read as much comic books as I would have liked. I’ll have to pick Ed Brubaker’s Captain America and Geoff Jones’ Green Lantern as the year’s two best on-going monthly series that I have NOT been buying.

Bought a bunch of figures this year. Best ‘ang mo’ action figure has to be Despero from DC Direct below. Hard choice as I scored quite a few good big figures towards the end of the year.

Best Gashapon figure is this one below. I don’t know her name but for only S$2 she’s the best deal in town, the details and sculpt are fantastic.

Best Anime/Manga figure. Well, I have already featured her more than a few times. <^;^> Oh, looks like she's hinting at what I ought to be whipping up next.

Best complete collection set I bought this year would be this set of cute lady workers of Japan’s train stations. That's them at the top of the page. Managed to get the entire set at the recent Anime Festival for freakin’ bargain price, S$5 each, normal price would be more than twice that.

Music side, best discovery would be all the genre radio stations on itunes. Work will never be the same again. Well, I also found lots of cool new sites during the year. Here's a fun site that I think most people who drop by here would like. It's about Trends in Japan. Food, fashion, gadgets, wacky stuff, it's here. Check out my list on the left for more links.

And yup, that's how detailed she is. Sorry, I just had to sneak this in....<^;^>


Lunch is Served! said...

That's why I love collecting gashapon - the toys are so well made, down to the minutest details!

Happy New Year Cavalock!

ice said...

Happy New Year Cavalock!

Sorries I'm not into gashapon but where do you get these cuties?

imp said...

win lor. they are all so pretty.

happy new year. to a bigger collection!!!

Cavalock said...

Happy New Year Ladies!!!

ice: i got them at a discount during the Anime Fair in Nov at suntec.