Tuesday, December 02, 2008

'From the head/skull region of the pig'

I have to admit, all this recession talk is making me think twice bout buying stuff and spending $$$. Even though I can afford those things, there’s a little voice telling me to think twice. I’m coming up with excuses like where am I gonna keep those books if I buy them or do I really want to spend all that on a three-figure omakase meal when I can get good and cheap sushi at Far East Plaza’s Wasabi Tei? And when I look at my budget application on my iTouch, it does kinda make me feel good to see how much I saved.

Ok, enough talk bout the recession, time for some food matters! This is IMHO the best pig organ’s stall I ever been to. It’s at the small ground floor food centre, next to Funan Centre facing the main road, facing the old fire station. What I always have is the LEAN MEAT soup, item no. 6 on the overhead menu board. I know the pix I took don’t do it justice. These slices are super tender and taste great. They are not your usual pork slices. Was told that they could be from the head/skull region of the pig so it’s real tender. Good and cheap food to beat the recession!

Did a few more Ladies Drinks shoots. Tried some new angles and stuff. Got these two bottles of Moscato at a very, very cheap dealer's price. Actually got four but passed two over to a couple of friends. Now those two remaining bottles of mine should keep me tied up for a weekend!


ice said...

errr...Wasabi Tei...I think you'd be better off at Sushi Tei or Ichiban Boshi. Hey! Have you tried Matsuo? I love that place! Much affordable than Nogawa and the sashimi is very good. Trust me on this one. It's the Japanese natives' hangout.

I like the ter huang kiam chye from TB market. =)

Cavalock said...

hey! u referring to the one at Goldhill with the bald chef? i luv that place, used to go there years ago when we lived at down the road at Newton. Always sat alone at the sushi counter. they thought I was Japanese after awhile.

But haven't been there for many years. passed by a couple of times.

ice said...

Oh yes the one with bald chef haha. eh that place is good & I've blogged about it many times too! Lunch sets are simply very affordable! Where to get good chirashi at $15?

Anonymous said...



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