Saturday, November 29, 2008

'Chip a tooth on that'

Was surfing and found the same shark meat/jelly pork thing I had over at Travelling Hungryboy. He had his in a restaurant, had mine at a hawker centre. I remember there's an stall that sells it at Chinatown Complex.

Also found this! A sushi cake!!! If anyone has time, check out some of my new links. There are some pretty cool ones if you are into pop culture. There'll be more links coming up.

Geez, kinda makes what I had today real boring! Well, it was more or less a repeat performance. I had my shabu-rized pork slices again at Tonkichi, Taka outlet. One unpleasant thing I did learn was that their single ice-cream scoop are pre-scooped into the ice-cream bowl and then frozen! So what you get is a frozen ball of SOLID ICE-cream in a bowl! I swear someone could chip a tooth on that. I dunno if it's like that in all their outlets...

Dinner was back at the Brukwurst Shop. Finally tried their hotdogs. Had the swiss cheese pork sausage, with the usual toppings. Not bad, am still quite full as I had it like 6pm. Of cos I ordered the flat white again, which had me scrambling for the toilet when I got home. Ah come on, like that has never happened to you before. <^;^>


red fir said...

omg. What happened to your tummy? Better now?

Cavalock said...

Hah, am ok thanks. Just the ‘usual’ toilet break after a good cup a Joe.

dilutedmagnetics said...

You're lactose intolerant too? I thought I was the only mad person who knowingly drinks flat whites and lattes when I'm lactose intolerant. LOL!

Cavalock said...

oh no, am not lactose intolerant. just that once in a while when i drink tummy gets a little upset, if u know wat i mean. heh

Anonymous said...

woow sushi cake!?
looking really good cavachan :)
Happy New Year 2009!!

hugzzz from tokyo