Wednesday, November 26, 2008

'I bought furniture at an anime toy fair!?!'

Bad news folks, with my bad throat and cough I doubt if I'll be eating anything worth mentioning for the next week or so. The doc said no fried stuff, no oily stuff, no chicken, no cold stuff, no coffee (I broke that one after only four days!) no oranges, etc etc. Really, I'm waaaay open to suggestions as to what's left for me. I told myself this would be a good excuse to double up on sushi but so far no chance yet. <^;^>

Managed to make it to the Anime Festival last Sunday and I got me this! Don’t ask. An impulse buy that I don’t regret (yet). You can actually fold it into a neat, flat package. I guess you can use it as a laundry bag or something. I BOUGHT FURNITURE AT AN ANIME TOY FAIR!?! :P What's up with that?!?

Hah, I got lots of other stuff too like my usual figures and MORE figures. Told myself since I won’t be going to Japan (damn you Yen rates!) this year, I might as well blow my budget on figures here at home.

Wanted to go on the first day Saturday but woke up with the WORST headache ever (headache, not hangover!). I couldn’t even make to a wedding lunch that day, slept it off till late afternoon. So I went early Sunday morning instead. Found much later from talking to one of the stallholders, lots of good, cheap bargain stuff went on the first day. Still, I’m pretty happy with my cheap buys.


red fir said...

oh dear, get well soon! :)

You can eat porridge keke.

Cavalock said...

yah, been eating fish slice noodles and yong tau fu! :P

imp said...

no coffee too? that's bad man!! hope u get better soon.

chiraishi. :D

dilutedmagnetics said...

No Coffee? That's like a death sentence to me. You're a real hero to have survived 4 days!

Oh, and i love Domokun. He's my alter-ego.

Cavalock said...

Imp: been having my morning coffee with a healthy dose of Baileys Coffee. :P

Lunch: there was a stall selling lots of Domokun stuff. Takashimaya had a stall too. U should check out their toy dept next time u in Orchard. Got lots of new Japanese masut masut cooking/baking toys for girls. Damn realistic-looking food! Another type lets the kid cook/bake real edible candy.

dilutedmagnetics said...

Hey Cavalock,

I just came back from shopping at Taka. Yah, I saw those stalls you were talking about. Very cute leh! But G ended up getting some rement food toys instead of the cooking toys. There was one really good sushi maker toy that I nearly bought. Maybe I should go back again on my own - to buy toys for myself. LOL!

Cavalock said...

If u do, post some pix n tell us bout it! am curious bout how the sushi machine works.