Saturday, November 22, 2008

'Started with an alien babe named Lum'

Found something at China Square last week that was really cool, brought back some memories of my first coupla English manga. Little Gashapon figurines of characters by Japanese female cartoonist Rumiko Takahashi.

Back then, English manga reprints were the same size and shape as the American comics. These days, the English manga reprints are more like the smaller novel size as the original Japanese copies.

Anyway, Rumiko Takahashi’s comics are usually the romantic comedy variety, with a fair bit of action thrown in. Started with an alien babe named Lum, a comedy bout an alien princess and her horny earthling boyfriend, remember laughing out loud to it. Hey, I was young then, lotsa stuff made me laugh back then! Followed with Ranma ½, another romantic comedy.

The last manga that I read, that I really liked was of cos, Yotsuba!.  

BTW, posted this entry on Danny Choo and looks like its got quite a lot of responses! 

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