Monday, September 15, 2008

'Sound kinda creepy'

I know I posted some pix of my current favourite manga Yotsuba & ! some time back. It’s this award-winning series that’s kinda like a Japanese version of Calvin and Hobbes. Am pretty pissed that the official English manga comic translations have stopped with volume 5 even though it’s one of their best-selling series.

Took some pix of the new posable Yotsuba figure with the summer vacation gear. Pretty neat huh? The gear and all were featured in one of the stories. Also got the non-posable figure of supporting cast member Fuka a few months ago. She and her sisters are Yotsuba’s neighbours and the one that Yotsuba calls the ‘unpretty one’ cos she’s like the least attractive of the 3 sisters.

Which leads me to the two newly released Yotsuba! figures. The new Fuka in swimsuit figure. While getting my figure from China Square Central, the shop owner told me that no one else ordered it cos she ain’t really pretty. I thought that was kinda funny since she was, I believe, intentionally drawn that way.

Also got Fuka’s younger sister Ena. OK, here’s where it might sound kinda creepy to some. From what I have read at a Japanese Otaku site, little Ena is selling out way faster than swimsuit Fuka. One of the reasons why she’s hot is cos you can change her out of her outfit to a little bathing suit but the Japanese reviews of her are rather… er… interesting.

Reviews of " Yotsubato Ena Ayase": Tsurezure-blog-san wrote "from her back to her butt is like a little chick. Her skinny thighs are just fine w. No apples, little chubby stomach, they are lovely w. This is the real cute figure w." Chiisakitaika-san said "the street clothes version- It's just ordinal. It's too ordinal. But that is excellent. The swimwear version- only some dangerous comments come up to my head. Therefore, I'll not speak out." foo-bar-baz-san wrote "however you see, she's a little cutie (^^;)"

Yah. Right. Whatever.


dilutedmagnetics said...

So gross, trust the Japs to write this kind of reviews! Ewww!

Cavalock said...

well, but it is kinda funny.