Friday, September 26, 2008

'Hawk it on ebay'

So I was offered a free ticket to catch the first F1 nite race on Friday but I turned it down. So I said 'Maybe I should just take the ticket and hawk it on ebay...'

So I met this hotel manager on Thursday, I said biz must really be good cos of the F1 but he said 'nope'. I told him the papers were reporting that hotels were almost full etc. He said, 'don't believe everything the papers say.' Even with his hotel in Orchard Road, everything is more or less the same. Apparently the only hotels that were really fully booked were the ones housing the racing crews along the Marina. Rooms prices have also dropped but the hotels aren't saying it out loud cos they don't wanna 'offend' their regulars who booked and paid the early craaaazy high room rates. Hah!

So the other week, there was an article in the local New Paper tabloid bout some beauty queen who's also apparently a straight-A student too or at least had a degree. Was bout her complaining not being able to get a date or find a boyfriend cos guys are intimidated by her. Gimme a break! How come every time a woman with so-called 'beauty and brains' can't get a guy, it's the guy's fault???

Has it ever occurred to anyone that the woman could have a really ugly, sucky personality? Proud, arrogant, bitchy? I mean, I know a woman who looks great and I'm sure quite intelligent too but who just couldn't stop bragging/comparing bout how rich her ex-boyfriends were.


dilutedmagnetics said...

Oh my, it seems that you've met some really nasty b*itches. But hey! Take it easy! Most rich and smart girls I know are really nice people. They may not have beauty queen looks, but at least they behave like decent human beings. Come over to the west side of Singapore more often lah. The people here are more homely.

Cavalock said...

hah! Am sure there r lots of nice n intelligent women out there, I know them too. Just don’t like the way the PRESS is always saying like it’s the guys’ who can’t seem to be able to date smart women. Its always the guy’s fault if a female grad can’t get a date.