Saturday, September 27, 2008

'I got the angry face'

Its babysitting weekend for me. Had to take care of a 7-year-old while his folks is at a wedding dinner on Saturday and then again on Sunday nite when they are at the F1 race.

As I'm typing this, he's watching the live Ben 10 movie in the living room that I recorded for him last nite. Picked him up earlier as instructed at Forum after his classes, while we were there we picked up some Gashapon ourselves! Got him a little Pokemon Gashapon, apparently we were lucky to get the figure he desperately wanted. For myself, I couldn't resist these! Mos Burger Gashapon!

While at Takashimaya for dinner and shopping later, got him a Spy Gear toy.
And for myself, I found this! An edamame 'toy'! I posted an article on me making edamame for myself a couple of years ago, and its been ages since I done that although I still luv edamame. So obviously I couldn't resist this, even though it's a little over S$8.

The 'toy' is similar to the bubble wrap toy that I got earlier this year. It doesn't do anything except give you the same kick you would get outta popping them bubble wraps. In this case, pushing out those little peas outta the pod. The unique thing bout this 'toy' is the middle pea is a random thing, as in the pea has a face! And there are 12 different faces to collect. FYI, I got the angry face.


imp said...

EIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! I WANT! that edamame toy is so CUTE!!!!

and you is good. babysitting. well done you. 7yr olds are so active! i'm exhausted before they are!

dilutedmagnetics said...

I ALSO WANT!!!! LOL! (the toy lah, not the boy)...

Cavalock said...

well, the kid sticks with me probably cos i'm the only he knows who watches cartoons, reads comics n checks out toy dept stores.

hah, u can find lots of them at Taka toy dept.