Sunday, February 24, 2008

'One week in Sillypore 1'

Decided to try a little something different now. Now, I'm a big fan of the Dannychoo all-things-Japanese/anime website. Something he does occasionally is a 'One week in Tokyo' posts. Pictures of what his week in Tokyo was like, it's really cool and I figured I'll have a little one of my own. There's already a great 'One week in Singapore' series already, so maybe I'll call mine 'One week in Sillypore 1' that is until I can come up with a better name. ^^;

It was around the last week of the Chinese Lunar New Year when I took these shots. This is a really cool 'toy' from Japan. If you ever liked popping those air wrap bubbles, you'll luv this. It's an electronic toy that makes the sound of popping bubblewrap when you press on the plastic bubbles. About every 100 pops you make, it'll make a random sound such as a doorbell, a dog barking, "sexy voice" or the passing of gas.

A quick walk through Chinatown on my way home from work. Still with some New Year goodies on sale.

More good luck cats are on the prowl.

Home with my macbook, in front of the TV.

Sunny weekday morning in the local business district.

Lunch time at Maxwell. I was seated next to this chicken rice stall although I didn't have it. It's supposed to be pretty good, judging from the number of newspaper reviews its got pasted around it.

Here's something you don't see everyday. A cookout from the back of a catering truck, outside a Chinese clan association. This was on the last day of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

The bus ride to my aunt's place over the weekend. I figured why not take a shot, so I did.

Saturday nite dinner at Mellben Crab's Toa Payoh outlet. Having heard that the quality at their Ang Mo Kio has dropped. You'll be glad to know the that quality at Toa Payoh is still great. Probably cos the familiar main staff seems to be at Toa Payoh now.

Dessert at Icekimo. My first time there. Almost missed the place cos the entire building was under renovation. Had the blueberry cheescake and teh tarik (milk tea) flavours. Very good. Would luv to go there again cept it's pretty hard without a car.


AVIANA said...

yes..i would love one of those popping toys!!!!

i just stand on the wraps, touch it with my toes and just pop them non-stop and get a little sad when there's no more to pop...

mmmm..i love crabs...

have a good beginning of the week... :)

Cavalock said...

yr toes? hah!! that's funnee!

have a great week too ^^;

B said...

I used to love popping those bubble wraps. It makes sense that they would come up with a toy that simulates that! Great pictures, as always!

Cavalock said...

thanks b! hope to see u blogging again...