Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Some of them are pretty shifty-looking"

Happy Year of The Rat everyone! It's almost the end of the long Lunar New Year break. The first day or rather first 6 hours was spent doing the traditional visitations. After that at bout 4pm on Thursday I was pretty much 'free' to do whatever else I want. Cept that almost the entire island was closed for the next couple of days. Shops are closed, everyone's visiting. Which comes to my next little observation.

Tons of (male) foreign workers wandering the streets. Hordes of them. Some of them are pretty shifty-looking, if you know what I mean. Most of them are from China and India. I was like, where the hell they going? All the shops are closed and most of the labourers live in dorms at the work sites, so who are they visiting? Anyway, want to know how to tell the white collar ones from the the blue collar ones? The white collar ones all wear glasses! Really. Of cos, you can tell if you hear them talk, that's when you know you are right and really, the IT guys from India or the China lecturers, they all wear glasses.
Now for some food stuff which I know I haven't been doing much of lately. Passed by this new place by chance last nite, that's Saturday nite, and figured we'll give it a try. it's a new Japanese eating place at the basement of Raffles City, called Shokudo. It just opened a week ago apparently. By the way, today's Sunday papers did a rather positive review of the joint.

It's done up like the old Marche places in Singapore i.e. there are bout a dozen stalls, anything you order is recorded in a card, walk, see what you like, eat and pay when you are leaving the place. So all the stalls like are selling different kinds of Japanese food.

How was the food? Not bad but not that great either. There are way better Japanese places like Kuriya to eat at Raffles City. It's a pleasant enough experience and the whole idea of everything under one roof still works. The joint was almost full by 7.30pm. My suggestion is go there just once with some friends, if you like it then go again. If not, you ain't missing much.


imp said...

oh!!! so this is the restaurant! thanks for the review! i definitely trust your tastebuds!

someone was raving about it to me but she couldn't remember the name. i was kinda curious. but very skeptical. now IS CONFIRM i won't bother trying. :)

Cavalock said...

always glad to help the Imp. ;)

heard that there r super long Qs now after the press review.