Thursday, February 14, 2008

"It's like a train wreck"

Recently I stumbled upon this local forum at and they have a sub-forum called Matters of the Heart. And to me, it's like a local online version of the Jerry Springer show (I caught a couple of episodes while in New York years ago), I mean almost every other post involves broken relationships between couples, in-laws, etc. It's like a train wreck where you know you are not supposed to stare but you can't help it!

But the thing that really gets me is how most of these posts go. Original poster goes something like, "my boyfriend cheats on me/is abusive/lies to me, etc. so should I leave him?". The next 50 posts all tell her to leave him but she goes "I don't want to leave him cos I still love him". WTF?!? Then why are you asking for advice if you already made up your mind? Do you really think that a guy who cheated on you like 5 times in the relationship would actually stop cheating on you once you marry him? I don't get it at all why can't people walk away from really bad relationships especially if both aren't married yet. Can anyone tell me?


B said...

Ugh. I have no idea why people subject themselves repeatedly to such. So sad!!! And suddenly, being single doesn't seem so bad at all! :)

Cavalock said...

hey b! miss u!!!!

well, reading that forum does make me understand how painful it is to be betrayed. i would never want to put anyone through that.

Even if that person eventually forgives u, things can never ever be the same again, know wat i mean?

Ally said...

love is blind remember? her eyes are probably gorged out or something (oops watched too many SAW movies oredi)

Cavalock said...

wow queen, never figured u for a horror/SAW kinda person...^^;

Ally said...

i watched Saw 1 and 2 one after the other when i was in auckland (also nothing else was on) and was hooked.
recently bought 3 and 4 and loved them! can't wait for 5!

i'm mostly a gore person, but not the supernatural kind...esp the asian ones...thosee totally freak me out!