Wednesday, February 27, 2008

'The Ladies of Asahi'

I just realized a couple of ‘disturbing’ things bout myself. I drink less water on weekends or when I’m not in the office. In the office, I have a huge water bottle that I fill up every morning with bout 1.5 litres of water which I always finish before leaving at the end of the day, that’s like 2 litres a day, that ought to be enough right? So on weekends when I’m out or just lazing at home, I usually forget to drink enough water and I think I drink bout half that amount by the end of the day.

The other thing I realized is I don’t think I’m considered a regular at any small Japanese restaurant anymore. It’s been months and months since I eaten at any counter seats with a sushi chef. My last few Japanese meals were at those big restaurants. Hah, I know it sounds kinda weird but being a regular at a quaint, intimate little place is pretty neat. You get that personal touch from the staff, maybe better sashimi cuts, a little extra dessert etc.

And continuing my ladies and booze photo shoot, here are some new shots. Introducing the Ladies of Asahi. So anyone knows anyone working in Asahi?


Anonymous said...

Tomo (ex-Kaisan) has also grown bigger in size. But I guess you could still set up your own cosy corner by the counter.
- the skinny epicurean

Cavalock said...

yah mia, i keep telling myself that too. hah!

B said...

It is nice to have a regular spot or two, isn't it? It's nice to recognize the bartender/chef/staff and have them recognize you. There are a couple of places near me that I go to maybe once a month and I'm always pleasantly surprised that they remember me and often, what I prefer to eat or drink. It just gives one a sense of connection.

Cavalock said...

Know wat u mean b. its good too if its a book shop where u can talk bout books and stuff.