Tuesday, March 04, 2008

'The Highlander of Ravioli'

Well, after my last post bout missing out on a decent Japanese sushi meal. I finally made my way to Kuriya at Raffles City. Been there a few times, never or I should say have yet to sit at the bar, got a table. Dinner was good and pricey as usual but shomehow not as satisfying as I expected. Go figure...

Then it's off to nearby Canele Patisserie for dessert. Sweet mother of Gawd. It was my first time eating a vanilla meringue. Sweeeeeeeet. Best way to describe it I think, it's like cotton candy only rock solid. For like S$3.80 (or was it S$3.50?), it's worth it for that huge chunk. I brought and kept a third of it in a ziplock for the next day.

But the most memorable food experience las weekend was dinner at Brown Suger. So I ordered the Beef Tenderloin with Cheese Spinach Ravioli. Now when I read the menu I never expected that when it said Ravioli, it really meant Ravioli singular tense! Yup, there was only one piece of ravioli! It was like The Highlander of Ravioli ... "There can be only one!" ... fans of the 1986 Sean Connery and Chris Lampert movie will know what I'm referring to. Heh! Don't get me wrong now, everything we had was great. We ordered at least 4 different desserts, all simply divine. But damn, I just keep thinking bout that lone ravioli sitting on top of my piece of beef.


the arts and crafts experiment said...

ravioli...this is funny. it's like there's a totally new side of you coming out in this blog ;-) you should have shared this with me sooner!

will catch up on reading the rest this weekend.

(oh, and your asahi women...that's the side of you i know!)

imp said...

ooh. i've been wanting to try brown sugar!!

oh dear! i wouldn't have thought it'd be just ONE piece of ravioli!

Cavalock said...

Itsy: thanks for dropping by! Hope my Japan pix will inspire u to visit the country. ^^;

Imp: think u will like it. Our big group had no complaints bout the food. They do have limited parking space.

AVIANA said...

that dessert looks so yummy.....

have a nice weekend..

Anonymous said...



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