Saturday, March 08, 2008

'A slight buzz right now'

Feeling a slight buzz right now from downing a couple of bottles of beer after vacuuming and mopping the entire apartment by myself.

What was I gonna say? Oh yah, reading b's latest entry made me think bout my current statis. Right now in my current gig, job or whatever you call it, it's a little different from my last place, it's good and bad. What I'm doing now is essential as in it's a freakin' boring job but someone's got to do it thing. It's mundane but less stressful at times compared to my last place. So it's good cos I'm less stressed out now, got more time to do the things I really enjoy like reading, surfing, blogging, eating good food (hehe), all that kinda stuff. Bad is work has become mostly brain-dead kinda stuff. very little creativity. The folks in the other departments are the ones after the fame and fortune and they richly deserve it too. They are pretty good. I'm no longer there any more but I'm ok where I am now. I guess you can say I am contented in a way. It's like what I wrote 2 years ago bout myself and my life's soundtrack, John Lennon's Watching the Wheels. Just read/listen to the lyrics ... that's me. I am taking it easy now. The mortgage's all paid up, I don't have a car or any kids so that means no financial commitments of those kinds.

And speaking of hobbies and free time, been taking more shots of my ladies and booze series here and here. Tried something new with wine glasses and mirrors instead.

Alright, just in case anyone is wondering, I do take shots of other than just cheesecake figures too! They aren't great but I am working on them.


B said...

Introspection is never a bad thing. It can often feel melancholic or unproductive, but it really does help put life in perspective and we can assess and reassess our goals and life in general.

It sounds like your creative potential has been limited/reduced at work and as a creative person, I know how stifling that feels. I think your photography series are great. I just got a camera and I truly know how challenging it is to photograph. The use of mirrors and glass in that top photo is great! If you enjoy that, I say find a creative outlet in it. I also love your food photography! I am really into macro photography, especially food and still life.

AVIANA said...

umm...interesting pics... :)

take advantage of this mundane allows your creative grow if you let it...explore it....

gosh i wish i could pay up my school loans but that won't happen anytime soon unless i hit it big soon!!!!


Cavalock said...

b: Thanks for the kind words! Yah, I am taking advantage of my ‘off-peak’ hours at work. Wiki is my new friend! And I found this site that teaches u how to build homemade props for product photography, which is kinda cool.

Aviana: hey, waiting for you to hit the big time real soon! See ya! ^^;