Monday, March 10, 2008

'Scouts on siesta'

Wondering if anyone out there reading this is using a Macbook and a PC to blog cos I am using both, and the Mac interface is kinda weird as in it’s hard to move my photos, can’t drag them down from the top where they first appear.

Anyway, last weekend was pretty neat. Was a lazy Sunday afternoon, took a bus to East Coast Road for lunch. Had the famous 328 Katong Laksa for lunch. Then took a slow stroll down the road. Food everywhere man. This was actually my first time walking down the road, usually it’s just a quick zoom by in a car or bus. Everyone here knows bout all the great food you can find along East Coast.

Now this was quite funny. Scouts on siesta. Saw these scouts getting ready for a siesta outside a little corner furniture store. I believe it’s Job Week this week as it’s the start of the school holidays too. Reason I say ‘siesta’ instead of taking a break, is cos while walking back from the other side of the road bout 20 minutes later, I saw all three guys knocked out, slumped in their seats, sprawled asleep.

This had me thinking ... so even if I fall on my ass a hundred times, you guys will keep those lessons coming till I can skate?


the arts and crafts experiment said...

you're taking lessons? do you know how to inline skate now? and! who did this NETS thing? ha!

Cavalock said...

No lah, not taking lessons. the NETS crap? well, it sure as hell ain't us! ;)