Sunday, September 21, 2008

'Back from the fair'

I'm back from the fair! Our local Isetan's Japanese Kyushu Fair, that is. First thing I saw and got was the sweet potato snacks! It's exactly the same as the ones I had in Japan, the caramalized one and the baked (I think it's baked) one. This here is the really sweeeeet caramalized pack for S$5.50 and the baked one (S$6.90) is below. As of this writing, I have yet to try the baked sweet potato but I'm sure it'll be great. You guys should try. When I was in Japan, I actually bought a box of it back for my family.

After paying for my groceries, was walking past the liquor section when I saw their sake promotion. They were the really sweet fruity kind that I like. Tried a few shots and they were really good. Finally settled on the Francisco Delaware ice white wine (S$54), made from Japanese Delaware grapes. The shot below is a little over-exposed (in more ways than one, heh). Oh man, its so sweet and smooth. The bottle in my fridge is now half empty! ^;^

The other bottle I got is Iichiko Bar's Cassis Liqueux (S$22.90), that's actually blackcurrent shochu. It's pretty good too. I actually had it before at Waraku.

Well, buying those two bottles got me a lucky draw on the spot. Guess what I got ... a little 200ml bottle of shochu. Heh, not bad for an afternoon of grocery shopping. The fair ends next weekend. But I think I''l be back to get another bottle of the ice wine real soon!

Oh yah, as you can see, I'm back to trying out some more shots with the Ladies Drinks.


Anonymous said...

Where is this? The sake looks nice to drink with friends too. Expensive shit though.

Cavalock said...

its at the Isetan Scotts supermarket, basement of Lido theatre.

imp said...

so much alcohol!!!

Cavalock said...

yah, was very impulse buy. But guess wat, I bought 2 more bottles of the ice wine! heh