Friday, September 05, 2008

'A race of killer man-ape soldiers'

So here I am on a pre-birthday leave from work and home alone on a wet Friday morning ... watching TV. I always got a kick outta watching the morning talkshows. I remember watching them while in NYC years ago till bout 10am, then going out so as to avoid the rush hour traffic. Hah! 

Anyway, caught the tail end of Ellen bout an hour ago and saw a guy run and leap over 4 cars. Then switched over to the Tyra Banks Show. Now this was an eye-opener. They had a segment with hidden cameras in the rooms of all the posh US hotels like Ritz, Shereton etc. And they showed how gross and unhygienic their room service really are. Maids who don't wash your wine glasses or just rinse them instead, dirty towels etc. Really, not the kinda thing you would expect from 5-star hotels.

And right now I'm watching the History Channel on humans and apes genetics. It's a little mad scientist-ish, with talks bout crossbreeding between man and apes. Sure, there's a huge possibility that men and apes did crossbreed bout 6 millions years ago, that's what the documentary said. But as recent as WWII when there were rumors that Stalin and Russia tried to create a race of killer man -ape soldiers.


dilutedmagnetics said...

Gee... I never paid the History Channel any attention before. Maybe I should start watching it...

Cavalock said...

yah, watch it with yr kid, its pretty cool