Sunday, November 09, 2008

'Only two straight men at the musical'

Well, I got to watch the eagerly-awaited Avenue Q with my friend Matt and I swear to Gawd we were like, the only two straight men at the musical. Rather, we were the only two straight guys who weren't with a female date at the theatre. BTW, my friend is married with a kid. I told him, if we were seen staring at any of the hot-looking women here, they'll probably think we were scrutinizing their outfits instead. Hah!

Anyway, it was a great musical and it really reminded me of the time when I was laughing to myself while listening to the soundtrack in the office.

Now whenever Matt and I got together crazy hijinks are ensured!  Ok, mebbe that link doesn't show how crazy things can be but once we were at the IT and this happened

So he picked me up at my place in the afternoon before we headed to Lau Pa Sat for lunch. You know, after so many times eating there, I can never find anything good at that place. But we did see some people filming something there. They appeared to be all ang-mohs.

After that we went for a drive, got lost and ended up at some really weird places...

Ok, we were really at the Singapore Biennale. Pretty surreal huh?

But we did get lost, missed an exit trying to get to Leisure Park and couldn't find a U-turn till we reached Katong! Hah, we did an illegal U-turn at the end! Later we got to the Esplanade at bout 7pm, just enough time to grab dinner before the show. First time at that hawker gourmet row of stalls, I forgot the official name. I avoided any fried stuff but almost everything there was fried. Finally settled on a mini-steamboat for S$10. No big deal, fortunately I wasn't that fussy, just wanted something quick and simple before the show.  


dilutedmagnetics said...

You mean, the desert-scape was fake? Anyway, I wish I could watch Avenue Q - but I can't find anyone to babysit G. Hmmmmm... where'd you get the soundtrack from?

Cavalock said...

yah, the snow-scape (its supposed to be snow) is fake n its all behind a glass panel. very cool.

i heard the soundtrack via my office iTunes network, a colleague had it in her iTunes playlist library. i guess u can find it at most CD shops or online.

M. said...

Hey, I watched Ave Q this weekend too. Hilarious but yeah, the guys were very "new urban male".

Cavalock said...

heh, yah. hey, what's yr fav song in the show?