Sunday, May 11, 2008

'A nite at the theatre'

With my good bud Matt, we headed to the Esplanade for some nite shots on Saturday. It's a good distraction of sorts for me. No point in worrying bout stuff that's completely out of our hands, need to continue living life.

So two guys shooting night scenes sounded like a good idea. We had dinner at Thai Express at the Esplanade cos we wanted something fast. Gawd, it was awful. They got my friend's order wrong and my lemongrass tea tasted like regular tea. At least we didn't have to wait very long for our food, not like the table next to us.

Anyway, we never knew there were so many other people taking shots at the roof of the Esplanade too. Ok, not exactly the roof cos that's not possible with the spikes and all but you know what I mean. He had a tripod while I tried to balance my camera using the ledge so it's a little fuzzy. Here we go, some shots from a nite at the theatre.

For these couple of shots, I tried to play with the light reflection in the river.


B said...

Those are great night shots, especially without a tripod. My night shots are still not up to snuff, sadly. This is a good idea, to go out at night with a friend and try some things. Aside from the blah Thai food, it sounds like a nice night!

Cavalock said...

b: yah, it was a pretty cool nite. gotta learn when to set my ISO on my camera ^^;