Tuesday, May 20, 2008

'Drinking cow piss'

This is actually a little continuation from the last post bout me eating some Brad Pit… I mean black pig. Now seriously, what do you follow up with a black pigmeal? Drinking cow piss of cos! It’s my new favourite Japanese soft drink right now. Well, it’s called Calpis but to most English-speaking folks out there, it’s pronounced ‘cow piss’, or at least that‘s what wiki tells us. Geez man, I never thought of that ‘pronounection’ until I read the wiki article. ^,^

It’s pretty much a sweet, light yogurt-flavoured soft drink, if you like the Indian yogurt drink lassi, I think you’ll like this. Got the peach-flavoured one atthat Japanese grocery shop at the basement of Central.I really like the drink, only problem is that it’s real expensive (for a soft drink), like over S$7 for a mere litre bottle. These days, with the inflation and all, I do feel kinda guilty blowing my money on stufflike that…and then I tell myself it’s like blowing more on a bottle of booze, I enjoy the different taste of both drinks and it’s just that I don’t get a buzz from one of them. I think that’s why I haven’t been to Tomo for an omakase meal. Man, methinks I think too much…

Another thing I got was 2 cans of Royal Milk Tea. Was like S$2.30 a can at the shop… was only bout a little over S$1 from the vending machines back in Japan, if I remember correctly.


imp said...

ooh. if it's like lassi, i'm very inclined to try it!

but so much more expensive in sgp!

B said...

Haha... I love it! Brad Pitt and Cow Piss = Black Pig and Calpis. :)

You've mentioned the Royal Milk Tea before, haven't you?

Cavalock said...

imp: let me know if u like it!

b: yah, i mentioned before. maybe i'll put a link to it later.