Saturday, May 24, 2008

'You can't go home again'

Was busy buying tickets last weekend. Got me my Indy 4 tickets for this weekend and tickets to my latest musical (since Mama Mia) Avenue Q for a Saturday nite performance in October or was it November (geez, I gotta go check, anyone else watching this?). It’s a little over a hundred bucks a ticket and once again like I mentioned in my last post, I been feeling a little guilty whenever I spend big bucks (anything over a hundred) on stuff these days.

Funny thing bout Ave Q is that I heard bout the musical years ago but it was only like last month that I managed to listen to the entire soundtrack, thanks to the office’s itunes network. Someone else had it on her itunes playlist and I managed to play it. And like, the next week after listening to it, they announced the show’s coming here later this year. Weird huh?

I’m not really expecting much from Indy 4. I’m gonna approach it like Die Hard 4. I think I have mentioned bout my love affair with movies like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. Like Indy 1, the original was perfect and also, I guess it’s cos I watched the first ones as a little wide-eyed kid and nothing can really top that first-time exhilaration. So you are older now and you kinda expect more from the latest sequels and I think you’ll be disappointed if you expect too much. I guess you can’t go home again.

Speaking of not-so-good movie sequels, I got the new Darth Maul Kubrick figure on Thursday during lunch, not to be confused with those crappy Lego figures. It’s a lot cooler than I thought it would be. Got a ton of Kubricks on display at home, like my Kellogg cereal ones and Star Wars, but thankfully they been making a lot less these days. I would have run out of space if they continued with the Marvel heroes series.


the arts and crafts experiment said...

i can't wait to see avenue q! :-)

how've you been? im having lunch with glenn, sharon and angela tomorrow. join us!

Cavalock said...

sorry i couldn't make it! hope u guys had fun.

msn or sms me if u wanna meet up again.

B said...

I have not seen Avenue Q. I've also heard about it here and there but haven't looked into it. You'll also have to tell me how you like the Indiana Jones movie. I've heard it is action packed, exciting, etc. Worth seeing for sure.

Great figure shot. Your "studio shot" images are very well photographed. Believe me, I look at professional photos all day for work and you're good!! :)

Cavalock said...

hah, thanks b!

funny thing is I look at lotsa pro shots at work too n that's why I feel mine look kinda crappy! ;)