Saturday, May 31, 2008

'Went a little Gashapon crazy'

It started raining again during the week, pretty much the whole afternoon. Is the heatwave over? I doubt it. It won’t rain everyday and the nights are still as humid as ever.

Went a little Gashapon crazy last weekend. Been awhile since I turned those dials for little 'toys' like phone straps and anime figures. Saw a couple of new ones and blew S$10 on them, each turn of the dial cost me S$2.First up were the mini Gatsby moving rubber hair wax phone straps. They look just like the real thing! Comes in 2 sizes. The bigger replicas (Big G) are ofthe kind you can find here at our local drug shops. The smaller ones (small g) are the little jars that I found only in Japan. Total of 14 different ones in the collection. Blew S$6, turned the dial three times and got 2 of the same small pink ones (wat are the freakin’ odds out of 14?!) and one bigger blue jar.

The remaining S$4 was spent on two turns, each S$2, for some cool figures. This has got to be one of my best Gastapons ever! For only S$2, she’s damn detailed and with a really nice, unique pose. For something like that, most are often about S$4 each.

Oh so and I was back at Rose Veranda and my usual Malt Tea today for lunch. Believe it or not, this here is my very first beef wellington. Always reminds me of an episode of Hell's Kitchen with Chef Ramsey screaming bout someone ruining his beef wellington.

A small section of the dessert spread and a little of what I had later.


Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Did even know that something called Gashapon even existed...just shows that one can learn a new thing everything.
Just passing by....from Aviana's blog

dilutedmagnetics said...

I am the gashapon queen - er, I mean, I am the payer for the gashapon toys. LOL! G's got quite a massive collection, but they're all over our apartment. Grrrrrrr!

Cavalock said...

hi sujoy, thanks for dropping by. Enjoyed yr blog too!

Lunch: used to collect more cos old office was near suntec and my ex-colleagues were into it too. Can exchange the extras that we got. Will take some pix of some of fav collections next time. How bout showing some of yours? ^;^